The «Indian Summer» of Switzerland


Lai Nair im Herbst
Why travel far when the good things are so close? Deep blue skies, golden larches and white mountain peaks. The often mild temperatures invite you to go hiking, biking or simply for a walk through the picturesque, autumnal landscape. Enjoy the colourful diversity of autumn in the Lower Engadine.
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Jagd im Unterengadin

People & Stories The Hunt

Autumn is also hunting season. Hunting has a long tradition and is an integral part of culture in the Lower Engadine.
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Entspannen im Bogn Engiadina in Scuol.

Relax. Bogn Engiadina Scuol

After a long day in the fresh autumn air, the bathing and sauna landscape and the Roman-Irish bath invite you to relax.
Bogn Engiadina Scuol

Only at this time of year.

Autumn experiences

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Hisch im Nationalpark
Deer rut in the Swiss National Park

When autumn arrives, a unique natural spectacle begins in the forests of Val Mingèr: the rut of the red deer.

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Abendessen im Hotel
Autumn dishes

On this short and easy hike you will learn about the specialities and offerings of chestnuts, red cabbage, fresh spaetzli and in addition game from the region – in culinary terms autumn has a lot to offer. Discover our restaurants with their fine autumn dishes.

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Steinwild im Nationalpark
Stone deer observation Marangun-Sesvenna

At daybreak, we go hiking together with a local hunter in an attempt to track down the Graubünden heraldic animal.

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Abendessen im Hotel

Game dishes

Autumn is also hunting season in the Lower Engadin and an important cultural component of the region. Many restaurants offer fresh game dishes in autumn.
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Tarasp im Unterengadin

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Bad weather programme

Bad weather? Let yourself be inspired by our tips for bad weather days and discover other facets of the Engadin.

Poesia rumantscha

Quist es l'utuon
Sco quai chi's vezza be d'inrar
Lingias tendüdas dal
Plain svouls dad
Utschels chi partan
Mia randulina naira
Tira seis ultims rudels
Süls mürs da ma
Alba dal sulai da

Luisa Famos

Romance poetry

This is autumn
As you seldom see it
With the tense
Lines of sky
Filled with birds
Ready to migrate
My black swallow
Making her last circles
On my
House wall
White in the
September light.

Luisa Famos