48 hours in the Engadine

Culinary short trip

Forget everyday life for 48 hours and let yourself be pampered with culinary delights? With our ideas for a culinary short trip in the Engadine you will succeed. Learn more!

Day 1 – 14:00h.

Arrival in the Engadine

Excited, and full of anticipation - that's how the journey to the Engadine can begin. A short trip to the mountains of the Lower Engadine awaits you, this time with a focus on culinary delights. 

We recommend that you use public transport to get here. Not only will the environment thank you for that, you will also experience first moments of relaxation on your way up here. The large windows of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) offer you unique views of the valleys, villages and landscapes of Graubünden. 

Whether you travel by public transport or with your own vehicle, we have compiled all the important information for your journey. Among other things, an overview with special offers for public transport.

PostAuto am Bahnhof Scuol-Tarasp im Engadin

16:00 h.

Arrival in the Lower Engadine

Take a deep breath - the Engadine mountain air is wonderful. Check in at the accommodation right at the start so that you can really enjoy yourself afterwards.

A wide variety of accommodation awaits you in the Lower Engadine. Whether you prefer a hotel, a bed and breakfast, the youth hostel, a suiting holiday flat or the camping site, there is a wide choice. Discover the different categories below and find the perfect accommodation for you. 

It feels like home.

Accommodation in the Engadine

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Hotel Arnica Scuol
Hotels in the Lower Engadine
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Ferienwohnung Bellavista, Curtin
Holiday flats in the Lower Engadine
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Camping Arina in Strada.
Camping in the Lower Engadine

17:00 h.

Time for the welcome aperitif

The best way to start in the Engadine weekend and toast — we say "VIVA!" — to the free time is with a good aperitif. We have put together a selection of great aperitif tips. Take a look and let yourself be inspired.

Aperitif während der Velotour auf dem Innradweg
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Our tips.

Aperitif options in the Lower Engadine

Discover a selection of bars here that are perfect for sharing an aperitif. Sit back and enjoy!

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19:00 h.

Dinner at the restaurant

At dinner it's time for another culinary highlight. Have you not booked dinner in your own accommodation and are therefore still looking for a suitable restaurant? We are happy to introduce you to our restaurants in the region. Click through and find a restaurant that suits you.

Day 2 – Morning.

Culinary hikes

For your first morning in the Engadine, we have some tips for combining culinary enjoyment with exercise and nature. And what could be better than a trip to the mountains? In the Engadine, we have various alps and mountain huts that entice you with their fine offerings. Discover our tips for hikes with culinary highlights below.

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Chamonna Tuoi im Winter
Mountain hiking route Guarda
Hike to Chamonna Tuoi CAS/SAC

Hike from Guarda up to the Chamonna Tuoi CAS/SAC, which awaits you with delicious hut specialities. You decide for yourself whether you want to take the long hike over the Lai Blau or the shorter version over the Alp Sura.

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Berühmter Kaiserschmarrn auf der Alp Laret
Mountain hiking route Scuol
Hike to Alp Laret

Take the Scuol mountain railways up to the Motta and from there continue on foot towards Alp Clünas to Alp Laret. The hike is not very strenuous and rewards you with a magnificent view and fine food. Our tip: the Kaiserschmarrn.

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Alp Tea in Tschlin, Unterengadin
Hiking route Tschlin
Hike to Alp Tea

A leisurely hike across meadows and through forests, from Tschlin to Alp Tea and back again. Alternatively, you can also descend to Martina. In the alp you can enjoy heavenly refreshments with local products and dishes.


Culinary holiday tips

The Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region offers its guests a wide range of experiences, all within the framework of the guest card. Among them are real culinary treasures. We have put them together for you. Try it out!

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Dried meat from Hatecke
Holiday tip Scuol
Bacharia Alpina – The alpine meat trade

Embark on a journey of discovery into the centuries-old alpine dried meat craft of the Bacharia Engiadinaisa. The tasting of Bündner and deer dried meat and salsiz is included.

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Bergblumen-Trockenwiesen – Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair – Dominik Täuber
Holiday tip Ftan
Wild Herbs Workshop

Collect a wide variety of wild herbs together and then process them for a delicious lunch. You'll enjoy it several times over, both on site and later at home.

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Alpenbrauerei GIRUN in Tschlin
Holiday tip Tschlin
Alpenbrauerei GIRUN – The art of brewing up close and personal

High up in Tschlin, you follow the brewmaster's explanations and learn interesting facts about hops, yeast, water and malt. The beer tasting with a panoramic view rounds off the tour.

Day 3 – Morning.

Mineral water in and around Scuol

The Lower Engadine has another culinary trump up its sleeve - mineral water. More than 20 mineral springs bubble up in the area around Scuol. The towns of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera already became world-famous as health resorts 100 years ago. And even today, the special water can still be experienced in numerous ways. For example, the mineral water flows from numerous village fountains as well as captured springs and offers the perfect refreshment.

Our tips.

Experience mineral water

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Auf dem Mineralwasserweg in der Clozza-Schlucht - miraculaua Scuol
Mineral water trails Scuol

The mineral water in and around Scuol can be experienced on three different mineral water trails. Hike from spring to spring and get to the bottom of the differences.

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Aussenbecken im Bogn Engiadina
Mineral Bath Bogn Engiadina

As the name suggests, mineral water is also an important component of the Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina. With its spacious bathing and sauna area as well as the Roman-Irish bath, it is a great place to relax and unwind.

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Klimahörpfad: myclimate Audio Adventure in Engadin Scuol
Klimahörpfad: myclimate Audio Adventure

myclimate Audio Adventure Scuol is an interactive listening experience, with your very own guide in your ear. Choose which of the three stories actress Tonia Maria Zindel tells you on the way from Scuol to Nairs and learn more about the climate, the mineral water and the local history of Scuol.


Before you leave the Engadine again and start your journey home, it is important to get the right souvenirs and keepsakes. Discover the various shops in the region below and find a piece of Engadin for yourself or your loved ones at home.

A nut cake from the bakery canfectionery Giacometti in Lavin.
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All shops in the Lower Engadine

Whether specialities from the region, decorative items in Engadine style or even practical everyday items, discover the various shops in the Lower Engadine here.

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We wish you a good journey home and see you next time – a revair!