Balanced pass village with high culture


Engadinerdorf Susch im Winter
Like a house wall, Susch stands firm and immovable like a dam on the Flüela Pass. Its façade gives an idea of the rich culture that awaits us on entering. The striking towers in the village centre or the Rohan Fortress adorn the pass village, which flourished in the age of muleteers and stagecoaches.
With the opening of the Vereina in 1999, Susch definitely became a traffic hub. And soon, in addition to the flourishing Clinica Holistica, the new "Muzeum Susch" enriched the little jewel on the Inn. Nevertheless, it has always remained true to itself and celebrates its roots with sgraffito courses and a small but fine cultural programme - Romanesque, balanced and thoughtful; just a typical Engadine village.


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Winterwandern auf der Via Engiadina Winter, Unterengadin
Via Engiadina winter
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Susch, Unterengadin, im Winter
Hotels in and around Susch
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Sgraffito-Kurs mit Josin Neuhäusler.
Engadine sgraffito from our own hand
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Die Grotte im Muzeum Susch.

Muzeum Susch

The medieval monastery complex has been carefully renovated and adapted to create a unique ensemble - with connecting tunnels, grottos and modern exhibition rooms.
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