Lavin, Guarda & Ardez


Piz-Cotschen-Skitour-Val Tasna @Andrea Badrutt
Mountaineering villages are small, quiet places that have dedicated themselves to gentle tourism. Their great potential lies in their originality, the high-quality natural and cultural landscape and the versatile mountain sports opportunities. The initiative focuses on the careful use of the mountain environment, but also on strengthening regional value creation

The three villages at a glance

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Dorf Lavin, Unterengadin, im Winter
Bergsteigerdorf Lower Engadine
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Bergsteigerdorf Lower Engadine
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Winterspaziergang durch das Engadiner Dorf Ardez, Schweiz.
Bergsteigerdorf Lower Engadine

Ski tour Bergsteigerdorf Lavin, Guarda & Ardez

Watch Skitour im Unterengadin on YouTube.

History of the Bergsteigerdörfer

The initiative was launched in 2008 by the Austrian Alpine Club. In recent years, it has been successfully extended by the respective Alpine clubs to Germany, Italy and Slovenia. In 2021, six new mountaineering villages will receive the label, bringing the total number to 35. Among them is the mountaineering village of Lavin, Guarda & Ardez, which will become part of the initiative from 21/22 August.

Aim of the Bergsteigerdörfer

The careful treatment of the mountain environment, but also the strengthening of regional value creation is one of the most important goals of the initiative.

Partner businesses

An important component of the mountaineering villages are the corresponding partner businesses

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B&B_Bröil_Dadaint-Ardez @Dominik_Täuber
B&B Bröil Dadaint (Ardez)
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Ustaria-La-Stalla-Ardez @Dominik_Täuber
Ustaria la Stalla (Ardez)
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Schorta's Alvetern in Ardez im Unterengadin
Schorta Alvetern (Ardez)
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Skitour, Chamonna Tuoi SAC, Piz Buin
Chamonna Tuoi CAS/SAC (Guarda)
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Guarda Lodge
Guarda Lodge (Guarda)
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Meisser-Lodge-Skitour-Guarda-Chamonna-Tuoi-Cas @Andrea_Badrutt
Meisser Lodge (Guarda)
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Chamonna Linard CAS (Lavin)
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Chasa-Fliana-Lavin-Bergsteigerdorf @Dominik_Täuber
Chasa Fliana (Lavin)

News from the project / What are the next steps?

  • As a first step, a brochure on the mountaineering village of Lavin, Guarda & Ardez has been produced. You can find more information about the brochure here.
  • The signposting in the three villages is currently being updated and will be revised in a next step.
  • Furthermore, the first partner businesses are currently being acquired, which will be published here at a later date.
  • More information on the mountaineering villages project can be found here

Winter activities

The Lower Engadine is the ideal place for a wide range of winter activities

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Langlaufen bei bestem Wetter
Cross-country skiing
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Schlitteln im Unterengadin
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Winterspaziergang durch das Engadiner Dorf Ardez, Schweiz.
Winter hiking
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Skiour-Guarda-Chamonna-Tuoi-CAS @Andrea Badrutt
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Schneeschuhwandern in Tarasp, Engadin
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Eisweg Engadin
Experiences on the ice
Logo Bergsteigerdörfer

If you have any questions, please contact Sven Berchtold at: or 081 861 88 22.