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Fly fishing

Fischer am Inn im Engadin
Experience the unique nature of the Lower Engadine while fly fishing. In addition to beautiful mountain lakes and highlights on small tributaries of the Inn, the first «fly only» route in the canton of Graubünden is available to you here.
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Faszination Fliegenfischen. Erlebnistag am 7. August 2022

Mache dich am «Erlebnistag Fliegenfischen» mit den Besonderheiten des Sports vertraut und lerne auf einem Parcours sinnvolle Tricks zum Binden, Material und Werfen oder ganz konkret am Wasser kennen.

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The fascination.

Fly fishing

The fascination of fly fishing lies in the way it is fished. With the help of the fly line, an artificial fly imitating an insect is presented to the fish on or under water. The rhythmic swinging of the rod allows the fly fisherman to get into a flow. Diving into the water and consciously observing the vegetation leads to meditative states. This feeling of «being one» with oneself and the elements arises.

Fliegenfischen im Engadin

Fliegenfischer Renato Vitalini
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People & Stories

Renato Vitalini: fly fisherman and rod builder

The Scuol hotelier and passionate fly fisherman has built up a second livelihood with rod building and turned his passion into a profession.

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Fliegenfischen am Bergsee Lai Raduond bei Ardez

Our tips. The most beautiful places for fly fishing

The Lower Engadine is multifaceted and offers fly-fishing enthusiasts many opportunities to pursue this hobby. Discover our tips for the most beautiful fly fishing spots below.
To the most beautiful fly fishing spots
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Schonstrecke Inn

«Fly Only» route in the Lower Engadine

Unspoilt nature – especially for fly fishing. Enjoy the peace and quiet on the first «fly only» route in the canton of Graubünden.
More about the «Fly only» route

Stay overnight.

Fishing friendly hotels

Hotel Arnica Scuol
Hotel Scuol
Hotel Arnica Scuol

Fantastic view, unique design and a wonderful room scent.

Hotel Belvedere Scuol
Hotel Scuol
Hotel Belvédère Scuol

Rich in tradition, in modern design and surrounded by dreamlike mountain scenery.

Hotel Curuna_michaela_vitalini
Hotel Scuol
Hotel Curuna Scuol

The Hotel Garni Curuna is not for couch potatoes. Our motto is: OUR ILLA NATÜRA ED AINT IL DIVERTIMAINT!  Out into nature and into fun! 

Support for your next trip.

Fishing shops and guides

Do you need new equipment or would you like to be accompanied by a fly fishing guide? We will be happy to recommend appropriate shops and local professionals.