Life in the garden of the Inn


Strada-Martina, Unterengadin, im Winter
Il giardin da l'En – The Romansh name of the Engadine is derived from «garden of the Inn». On the last kilometres before the national border, this garden is particularly fertile, green, species-rich and intact.
In addition to the lush nature, the numerous organic farms in the picturesque hamlets of San Niclà, Strada, Chaflur, Sclamischot and Martina bear witness to this. Committed tradespeople and craftsmen further enliven the region and ensure a living culture. The fractions along the Inn offer history and stories and diverse additions to the attractive excursion possibilities in the middle of the border triangle. If you are looking for this, you will find it in the Stamparia, in the churches but also in the restaurant at the classic Stammtisch.


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Winterwanderung auf Motta Naluns.
Via Engiadina winter
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Bergbierfestival Tschlin 2020 – Mayk Wendt
Bieraria Tschlin SA
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Buchdruckmuseum Stamparia Stada
«Stamparia Strada» Printing Museum
Strada-Martina, Unterengadin, im Winter

In & around Strada-Martina

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Schlitteln in Ardez

Tobbogun run Tschlin – Strada

A fast-paced toboggan run in beautiful Valsot. The starting and finishing points are easily reached by PostBus and can also be linked to other sights.

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