Idyllic, committed and authentic


Tschlin im Unterengadin
It smells of hay and freshly brewed beer. Now and then the call of the tree pipit drowns out the splashing of the village fountain, a little further away we hear the hustle and bustle of the cheese-makers and Romanesque discussions in the village pub: Tschlin is remote, idyllic, intact and highly vital.
With its agricultural character, the border community presents the coexistence of people, animals and landscape more clearly than any other place. The inhabitants of Tschlin are extremely cooperative and know how to tackle tasks and opportunities together, with a lot of passion for an intact nature and authenticity, always for the good of the community and in the interest of the guest.


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Der Sommer in Tschiln
Audio tour of Tschlin
Mittagessen im Hotel Restorant Macun in Tschlin
Hotel Restorant Macun
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Hochlandrind in Tschiln
Sustainable agriculture
Markt mit lokalen Produkten in Tschlin.

In & around Tschlin

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Bun Tschlin Produkte.

Bun Tschlin

The Bun Tschlin brand unites businesses from Tschlin and Valsot that produce local products and offer tourist services.
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Eines der schönsten Dörfer der Schweiz: Tschlin im Unterengadin.

The most beautiful Swiss villages

Tschlin, situated high above the Inn on a sunny terrace, is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Learn more about this award.
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Alpenbrauerei GIRUN in Tschlin
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Alpine Brewery GIRUN

High up in Tschlin, the "Geyer" circles around the tools of the art of brewing. Get ready for beer tastings with panoramic views and interesting facts about hops, yeast, water and malt.

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