Natural landscape in the Lower Engadine

Sommerwiese auf Motta Naluns
The nature in the Lower Engadine is unique and belongs to the most beautiful natural landscapes in Switzerland. The region has many experiences and relaxing places to offer. These include the Swiss National Park, bodies of water such as the Inn, the mineral water springs or the wild animals. Experience the nature of the Engadine in all its colours.
Schweizerischer Nationalpark
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Nature experiences

The idyllic nature in the Engadine captivates visitors. Learn more about the unforgettable nature experiences in the Lower Engadine.

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Chalzina Sura-Quelle – Mineralwasserwege Scuol

Mineral water

Switzerland's water is of a particularly high quality. It is also special in and around Scuol, where more than 20 mineral springs bubble up. You can experience these in a variety of ways.

More about mineral water
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Fischen am Inn
Am Inn

The Inn

One body of water, many possibilities. The Inn also flows through the Engadine and offers beautiful places for a picnic, gorges or ideal conditions for fly fishing.

More about the Inn
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S-charl im Herbst. Bild: Dominik Täuber.

The autumn

Why travel far when the good things are so close? Deep blue skies, golden larches and white mountain peaks. Enjoy the colourful diversity of autumn in the Lower Engadine.

More about autumn
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Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park is a terrain where nature is still allowed to be nature. No outside influences, only natural life cycles. Learn more about our nature park.

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