From world-famous cure resort to wellness destination

The mineral water of Scuol

Tschliner Bergquellwasser «La vegliatscha»
More than 20 mineral springs flow in the area around Scuol, which were first mentioned in a document in 1369. The towns of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera became world-famous as health resorts 100 years ago and still attract guests from all over the world. Bathing in the Bogn Engiadina mineral baths, walking along the Inn past the historic drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp or tasting mineral water at the various village fountains – mineral water can be experienced in numerous ways.
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Mineralwasser abfüllen bei der Sotsass-Quelle in Scuol © Raphael Dupertius

Mineral water experiences

Immerse yourself in the world of mineral water and experience the mineral springs and the refreshing wet in many different ways.

To the experiences
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The mineral springs at a glance

Discover the diversity of mineral springs. Each one looks different – natural or tapped – and also offers its own taste due to its unique composition of minerals.

To the mineral springs
Mineralwasser der Fuschna-Quelle – Mineralwasserwege Scuol – Dominik Täuber
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Interesting facts about mineral water

How is mineral water produced? What components can be found in mineral water? How does the water from the various springs differ? You can find out this and much more here.

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Auf dem Mineralwasserweg in der Clozza-Schlucht - miraculaua Scuol

Mineral water trails Scuol

Discover several mineral springs and fountains in and around Scuol on three round tours.
To the mineral water trails

Water souvenirs

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Mit der miraculaua-Flasche das einzigartige Mineralwasser von Scuol abfüllen und mitnehmen
«Miraculaua» bottle

You can taste mineral water at five village fountains and at numerous tapped springs and also fill it directly for on the road. Get the «miraculaua» bottle for CHF 31.00 at the guest information or order it from the shop.

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Wasserkaraffe AUA – Engadin Scuol Zernez – Andrea Badrutt
Water carafe «AUA»

You will come across the water carafe with the triangle in various hotels and restaurants. If you would like to have one at home, it can be purchased for CHF 15.00 at the guest information in Scuol.

Poster der alten Werbeplakate für Trink- und Badekuren in Scuol, Tarasp und Vulpera
Historical advertising posters and postcards

For a bit of nostalgia, there is a small selection of old advertising boards promoting cure stays at the time as posters (CHF 12.00) or postcards (CHF 1.20). These are available for direct purchase at the guest information in Scuol.

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Büvetta Tarasp – Nairs, Engadin Scuol Zernez –

Drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp

The two strongest mineral springs in the region still flow in the former drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp in Nairs. The historical building is not accessible due to the danger of rockfall.
Information about the drinking hall and the association Pro Büvetta Tarasp
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Mineralwasser sprudelt aus Scuoler Dorfbrunnen

Aua Forta – Water Days Engadin Scuol

The next Water Days Engadin Scuol will be held on the topic of «Water, Climate and Tourism in Mountain Areas». The event will now be accompanied by a symposium.

More about the Aua Forta
Johannes Studer kontrolliert die Sotsass-Quelle. Bild: Dominik Täuber.
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The master of wells: Johannes Studer

The water gushes refreshingly cool from the village wells. But where does this precious commodity come from and what are the tasks of a well master?

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Im Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina in Scuol.
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Bogn Engiadina mineral bathhouse

The centre of the wellness destination is the Bogn Engiadina mineral baths with its spacious bathing and sauna area and the Roman-Irish bath. Here you can relax and unwind.

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Funtana d'En – Innquelle – Mineralwasser der Ferienregion Engadin Scuol Zernez
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Project for (mineral) water positioning

The holiday region wants to make it even easier to experience the mineral water and is working on various projects with many partners for this purpose. Discover the first results.

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