People & Culture in the Lower Engadine

Das Bergsteigerdorf Ardez
The Lower Engadine in Graubünden lives from its people and its culture. Let yourself be inspired by exciting personalities and learn more about the culture that shapes the valley.
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Frisches Mineralwasser direkt vom Dorfbrunnen.

Behind the scenes. People & Stories

Stories that life writes. People from the Engadine have given us a glimpse into their lives and told us their stories. Take a look behind the doors of the Engadine with us.

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Nevin Galmarini

Our ambassador for Engadin Scuol Zernez. Nevin Galmarini

Olympic champion and professional snowboarder, Nevin Galmarini, is an ambassador for his home, the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region. Find out more about him.

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Landmark in the Lower Engadin. Tarasp Castle

Built in 1040 and still towering today in the middle of the Lower Engadine – Tarasp Castle. Learn more about its history, its current use and the lord of the castle.

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Schellen-Ursli in Guarda
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Like a fairy tale.


The Engadine is the home of Schellen-Ursli! Set off and experience the adventures of the boy with the shaggy black hair, the pointed cap and the beaming laugh.

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Das «House to watch the sunset» vom Künstler Not Vital bei der Eröffnung. Bild: Dominik Täuber.

Art, Museums & Cultural Institutions

The Lower Engadine and its nature offer much inspiration. The large number of museums, art galleries and cultural institutions is therefore not surprising. Let yourself be inspired too!

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Der Dorfkern Guarda, Unterengadin, im Sommer

Engadine charm. Engadine Houses & Sgraffiti

They make up the Engadine charm of our villages – the sgraffiti. The arts and crafts can be found on the walls of many houses. Discover them or even try it yourself.

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Engadine charm.

Romansh language

Only a small part of the Swiss population speaks it and yet it has countless dialects – the Romansh language. Learn more about «il rumantsch».

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Bild: © Dominik Täuber

Customs. Hom current

The Hom Strom, or straw man, is supposed to bring a good harvest. The preparation and burning of the Hom Strom is an old custom and a great experience for young and old.

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Chalandamarz in Guarda

Customs. Chalandamarz

Metallic sounds of a bell, the cracking of whips and children in blue peasant outfits – it's 1 March and thus Chalandamarz. Find out here what this custom is all about.

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A nut cake from the bakery canfectionery Giacometti in Lavin.
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Pure pleasure.

Regional specialities

Quality is written in capital letters in the Engadin, and this is also noticeable in local products and specialities. Learn more about the delicacies such as Engadine nut cake or Plain in Pigna.

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