Engadine treasure chest that has fascinated for decades


Im Dorfkern von Guarda
High above the Inn, far away from the valley road and the railway line, Guarda shines like a beacon in the sun. It fascinates and captivates visitors like an open treasure chest: Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet were inspired by the village of 200 people as early as 1945 and created the story of Schellen-Ursli here.
In 1975 Guarda received the Wakker Prize for its intact village image. And for decades now, city-dwellers with grandiose ideas have been drawn here - out of fascination for the model village of Romanesque culture and tradition. With a great sense of authenticity and passionate craftsmanship, the residents make the fascination tangible for all the senses.


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Guarda Kräuter Manufaktur
Hand & Artwork
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Dorfbrunnen in Guarda
Audio tour Guarda
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Schellen-Ursli in Guarda
Schellenursli Museum
Der Schellen-Ursli Film.
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"High in the mountains, far from here, there lives a little boy like you. In this little village, poor and small, all the way down, his house stands alone". Bainvgnü in the home of Schellen-Ursli!

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Grand Tour of Switzerland

The Schellen-Ursli village is also one of the stages of the approximately 1600-kilometre-long Grand Tour of Switzerland, which runs through the most beautiful parts of Switzerland.
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