Long days in the sun


Das Engadinerdorf Ftan im Sommer
The sun rises especially early in Ftan and glistens in the fresh dew on the magnificent mountain meadows. Romanesque fragments of words from the hustle and bustle of the farmers, cheese-makers, bakers and craftsmen reach your ears and are accompanied by the sound of cowbells.
The legendary Val Tasna, the open Alp Laret and the nearby peaks of Piz Minschuns and Piz Clünas are exemplary excursion destinations in the immediate vicinity. The chairlift helps with the ascent to the timberline. In addition, innovative hosts make this mountain idyll even more tangible: with a bike adventure park and a mountain bathing lake on the outskirts of the village, they unite to provide even more opportunities to enjoy your holiday in Ftan to the last ray of sunshine.


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Chalandamarz in Guarda
Customs & Traditions
Bündnerplättli auf der Alp Laret
Alp Laret
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Ftan Bergbahn Sommer
Chairlift Ftan - Prui
Gäste-Information in Ftan, im Engadin

In & around Ftan

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Das Engadinerdorf Ftan im Sommer

Roundshot Ftan

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