Far away from everyday life


Dorf S-charl im Unterengadin – ©Thalia Wünsche, Chur
Beyond the wild Clemgia Gorge, 13 kilometres away from Scuol, we dive into the rugged mountain world of S-charl. Edelweiss covers the hilltops of Mot Madlain with its former lead and silver mine; the mining and bear museum at the entrance to the mining village from the Middle Ages tells stories of yesteryear.
We follow the impressive roaring of the rutting deer into the deep green Val Mingèr in the National Park and return to S-charl in the last light as if enchanted. For dinner we enjoy the best Engadine cuisine and much anticipation of the stone pine forest "God da Tamangur", the cattle pens, the numerous crossings towards the Ofen Pass, Val Müstair as well as Sesvenna and lots of nature. Everyday life can wait!


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Der Bärenthemenweg bei S-charl im Unterengadin.
«Schmelzra» Mining and Bear Museum
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Feuerstellen in Zernez
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Pferdeschlittenfahrt nach S-charl – ©Thalia Wünsche, Chur
Horse-drawn sleigh rides through Val S-charl
Der höchstgelegene Arvenwald Europas bei S-charl im Unterengadin
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Swiss stone pine forest «God da Tamangur»

In the protected Swiss stone pine forest, nature can develop completely freely. Individual trees grow up to a height of 2400m and can become up to 700 years old.

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Gasthaus Mayor in S-charl im Unterengadin

Gasthaus Mayor

Leave stress and hectic behind and relax in the beautiful hamlet of S-charl. At the Mayor guesthouse you will find your way back to nature – pure relaxation!

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Crusch Alba in S-charl, Engadin

Alpine Inn Crusch Alba

Peace, senses, Swiss stone pine, high alpine nature. In the alpine guesthouse Crusch Alba you will find a place of longing – and the gateway to paradise.

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