Italianità Engiadinaisa


Ortsbild Lavin
The village of 213 souls impresses with its rich cultural offerings and extremely innovative inhabitants. Its reconstruction after the great fire of 1869 has given the Engadine village Italian features – also in the form of joie de vivre and cosmopolitanism. That is Lavin: Italianità Engiadinaisa.
We get off the train, walk towards the cheese dairy and bakery to the spacious village square. Striking mountains and dancing swallows in the deep blue sky are reflected in the windows of the palazzo-like houses and we think of a piazza in old Milan. A mountain biker rings the bell and beckons us to the hotel terrace. Tired and excited from a long day on the national park hike "Lais da Macun", we sit down to join the convivial group of craftsmen, farmers, guests and hosts.
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