Barrier-free outdoor pool Trü Scuol

Freibad Trü Scuol
All info to refresh with the wheelchair in the Trü

Outdoor pool Trü

The outdoor pool Trü in Scuol has a free wheelchair parking together with the restaurant. Access to the bath is through the side entrance on the left of the building. Here it has a bell to open the mesh gate. The checkrooms can be reached via various ramps and a step. A checkroom can be reached at ground level. The pool has a foot wash basin which must be crossed. The edge of the pool is at ground level. There are no aids on site.

eingeschränkt Rollstuhl zugänglich

The outdoor pool Trü

has limited accessibility

1 step in various places.  Foot wash basin must be crossed.  No aids on site.  Access to checkroom and WC with step.