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Children's camps during the summer holidays

"An unexpected encounter". Exercise with fun and games, excursions with and without hiking boots, water, creative things, stories, songs, music, but also cozy get-togethers, chilling, Kappla etc.


28.07.2024 to 03.08.2024
CHF 150.00 per child, all inclusive
Scuol, 7550, Switzerland

"An Unexpected Encounter"

Fashion, adventure and heart palpitations
She is the first Christian woman in Europe – Lydia. She owns a fashion store. The stars and starlets of their time buy the best fabrics from her. But that's not all: adventurers and even the great inventor visit it. This turns her life upside down once again.

You don't have to be able to do the headstand. Fashionable clothes don't tailor either. But the joy of the community and spending the night in the shared room of the Chasa Plan Grond, the fun of adventure and stories, that is part of the children's camp. In addition to exercise with fun and games, there are also excursions with and without hiking boots, water, creative activities, stories, songs, music, but also leisurely
Get-togethers, chilling, Kappla, PingPong and Töggelikasten.

Registration from now until April 30, 2024. The number of participants is limited. Consideration of registrations according to date of receipt.

Further information and the registration form can be downloaded


Scuol, 7550, Switzerland

7550 Scuol

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