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With the e-mountain bike around the Swiss National Park

E-Biken im Unterengadin
In four days with the E-MTB around the Swiss National Park - through the whole Engadin with a detour to Italy - all organized and with luggage transport.

By Dave Spielmann

The region around the Swiss National Park is an E-MTB paradise. The terrain is neither too steep nor too flat - and therefore ideal for exploring the local passes, valleys and single trails with the e-mountain bike on this unique round trip.

From Scuol via Val Müstair to Livigno (IT), and from there over the Bernina Pass into the Upper Engadine to Zuoz and back to Scuol. The respective stages are between 50 and 60 km long. Our guests bike over flowing trails and experience one highlight after the other - like the unique nature, the different local cuisine, the Engadine architecture and much more.

Stage 1: Scuol - Tschierv

Our friends Angie and Romina tackled the four-day tour together and embarked on a little adventure.

Start on the village square in Scuol. Fully motivated and with the Scuoler mineral water in the luggage we start. Off in the direction of Val S-charl and the e-mountain bike adventure begins!

The first highlight in Val S-charl: The unique landscape is fascinating. Everything is optimally signposted. You can rely on the signposts for orientation.

Along the entire route you stay in selected bike hotels. At the Hotel Al Rom in Tschierv, the host even washes the bikes of his guests. In addition, you can travel carefree, because the luggage transport is organized. In the evening you can enjoy the local gastronomy in the various places and review the experience again.

Stage 2: Tschierv - Livigno

The second day starts with the ascent to Val Mora. A long climb which is easily mastered with the E-MTB. But beware! You must not use up too much battery.

Nach Aufstieg ins Val Mora
Im Val Mora

Once at the top, a unique landscape opens up, which of course invites you to linger and enjoy. The perfect place for a break. The valley has another highlight ready. Most of the time you will meet a herd of horses and donkeys. You are welcome to take one more souvenir photo. Otherwise no one at home will believe what you have experienced.

After all the impressions of nature, it's downhill towards Italy. The trails wind down into the valley and are easy to ride throughout. The fun always comes before the technical challenge. Perfect conditions for a little flow on the e-mountain bike. In the evening, experience a little Italian flair in Livigno before continuing towards the Upper Engadine.

Trails runter ins Tal nach Livigno

Stage 3: Livigno - Zuoz

After the ascent to Fuorcla Livigno, you have the last opportunity to do some duty-free shopping or take another souvenir photo. The trails lead directly into the Upper Engadine mountains and to other highlights such as the view of the Bernina Mountains. Once you reach the Bernina Pass, specially built flow trails lead you into the valley in a very relaxed way. Then it's over the wide valley floor towards Zuoz, the last stop on the four-day tour.

Stage 4: Zuoz - Scuol

Freshly strengthened, we set off on the last stage. After a relaxed drive in the direction of Zernez, it is almost a must to make a stop at the visitor center of the Swiss National Park.

Another highlight follows a little later on the fourth and last day. Guarda - the Schellen-Ursli village fascinates with its beautiful Engadine architecture and its history. A last look at the signposts and it goes in the direction of Scuol - unfortunately also the end of the round trip. The route leads mainly over gravel paths and single trails. Only on isolated sections you are on the road, which are mostly little used.

After four days, about 220 km, 5,000 meters of altitude and countless impressions, you ride back to the village square in Scuol. After a sip of mineral water directly from the village fountain, you can once again enjoy what you have experienced and perhaps already plan the next E-MTB tour in the region.

Wieder zurück in Scuol - Ende der E-Mountainbike Tour

Angie and Romina tried out the E-MTB tour around the national park for our guests and told us their impressions:

I was particularly impressed by the unique nature. In addition, it surprised me how this tour has decelerated me. Normally I'm not on the road with the E-MTB and make rather more demanding tours. But here it is simply to enjoy the nature and the diversity and to move forward in a relaxed way. My highlight were the free-roaming horses. Where else can you see something like that in Switzerland?

The whole tour was a personal highlight for me, I couldn't take enough photos to capture all the impressions. The many different landscapes, the diverse culture, all the trails, the local food - everything fit and I could just enjoy it. You can say it's a trip where you get much more than you expected! Really a cool experience.

Text Dave Spielmann / Pictures Filip Zuan / Video Fullface Productions

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