Michelle Zbinden

Michelle Zbinden

Interests and Hobbies

I love to be outdoors at any time of the year, Be it hiking, leisurely excursions into nature, horseback riding, swimming or snowboarding. I find a balance in listening to/playing music, taking care of my plants and flowers or reading a good book. Spending time with good friends, my animals and family is also very important to me.

Motivation! Why do you participate in the Engadin Climate Group?

Because I think it is right not only to talk about important issues, but also to act. The climate group contributes a part to this. If you start together with small things, big things can be achieved. I also think it's a good personal challenge that shows how far one can consciously limit oneself, but still not experience any serious losses.

How will you compensate for the holiday stay of our guests?

I have been eating a vegetarian diet for 2.5 years. As a challenge, I will give up animal products completely and eat a vegan diet. At the same time, I am making a conscious effort not to buy plastic products.