Niculin Meyer

Niculin Meyer

Interests and Hobbies

I love to be outdoors with my wife and children, in summer on foot and by bike, in winter I like to do everything that makes you tired (cross-country skiing, skiing, snowboarding). I also play the piano and brass band music, go hunting in autumn and spend a lot of time gardening and chopping wood.

Motivation! Why do you participate in the Engadin Climate Group?

Because it is an easy way to draw attention to a very important issue. We want to live in an intact nature and must work accordingly for its preservation. By participating in this campaign, I want to prove that this can sometimes be simple and also exciting.

How will you compensate for the holiday stay of our guests?

I want to cook with seasonal and above all regional ingredients as much as possible. Most of the vegetables come from our own garden. We pick our own fruit, berries and mushrooms, and the meat comes from our own hunts or from the local farmer's alpine pig. We also make sure that we consume energy consciously. The car stays more often in the garage and cold showers are now also possible - even if not quite as cold as at the Cla Mosca :-)