tualetta publica

Public toilets

Ftan, Unterengadin, im Winter
The tualetta publica offers you the opportunity to use the WCs of a restaurant or hotel without paying. It may be consumed, but it does not have to be. Look for the sticker with the logo indicating that you will find a clean, nice toilet here.
Logo tualetta publica – öffentliche Toilette ohne Konsumationspflicht – Ferienregion Engadin Scuol Zernez
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The participating companies at a glance

Before your trip, inform yourself about where you will find a tualetta publica everywhere.

More about the participating companies
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Ardez im Winter, Unterengadin

All toilets at a glance

Find a tualetta publica near you. Here you can see all tualettas publica and other public toilets at a glance.

Finding a toilet
Logo des Milestone 2012

MILESTONE nomination "Nice Toilets in Ftan"

The «tualetta publica» emerged from the «Nice Toilets in Ftan» project. In 2012, the «Nice Toilet» was nominated for the MILESTONE tourism award in the Outstanding Projects category.