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White water fun on the Inn

Rafting Nairs Engadin
The wild rapids of the Inn are predestined for adventurous rafting tours. So if you are looking for adventure and want to experience a healthy dose of adrenaline, Engadin Adventure is the place to be.

We set off on a Saturday morning in July to the raft base, which is located at the valley station of the Motta Naluns cable car. Of the different tours on offer, we decided on the morning tour «Scuolerschlucht». After being equipped with neoprene suit, life jacket, helmet and shoes, we set off to the starting point by shuttle. Even the transport to the Inn is adventurous. Arriving at the riverbed, all participants are instructed and trained on the commands that will be used during the rafting: Forward, back, stop and into the boat. The latter is especially important to follow for the stormy passages, as it turns out later.



After a few practical paddling exercises on land, it's time to get into the water. Despite the thick neoprene and the shoes, we quickly notice how icy cold the Inn is, even in summer. The first rapids, the «French Man», awaits us after the first paddle strokes and causes our pulse to shoot up briefly. At the latest now we are all wide awake and ready for the adventure. During the quiet passages, however, we also have the opportunity to look at the wild banks and the nearby mountains from a different perspective. We meet canoeists, anglers and hikers along the way who wave at us and rejoice with us.

Wildwasserspass auf dem Inn im Engadin

On the way we stop briefly, because a rapid is particularly suitable for surfing, as our guide Julian explains to us. So we head for the passage and actually experience a feeling of surfing at over 1200 m above sea level. But this is abruptly interrupted when the boat decides to surrender. It quickly fills with water and lets us leave the wave. Thanks to the drains on the edges of the boat, the water drains away quickly. In the early days of rafting, when the boats were not so modern, there was always someone ready with a scoop for such cases. We are glad that we are spared this on our tour.

River Rafting im Unterengadin

After more action-packed rapids, we pass the «Büvetta» drinking hall at Nairs, a reverent building and witness to a bygone era whose reverent presence can still be felt. Guests and locals alike took the various mineral waters from the region here for healing a good 150 years ago during the heyday of spa tourism.

Soon we pass Scuol. The church in particular is striking on the rock, visible from afar, and gives us pause for a moment before we get ready and head for the next rapids with powerful strokes of the oars.

Trinkhalle Büvetta Scuol

After leaving Scuol behind us and rushing past Pradella, we have already reached the end of the tour. We swim the last few metres to the exit. At first, this seemed like a good idea - after all, it gives us an all-round inside experience. After a few seconds we feel the icy cold and quickly make our way towards land. Happy and satisfied, we take the shuttle back to the raft base where, after changing clothes, we get a drink and reflect on the refreshing start to the day.

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Rafting Engadin Adventure

Good to know

  • Morning, afternoon and full day tour
  • Bring your bathing suit
  • An experience even on a rainy or cloudy day
  • For families, we recommend the holiday tip «Family Rafting for Everyone».
Michelle Zbinden

Michelle Zbinden

Michelle Zbinden works for the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region in the content and marketing team. She has lived in the Engadine since August 2017 and enjoys spending her free time in nature. She particularly enjoys the variety of flowers in the Lower Engadine.

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