Ice skating, curling and ice hockey

Sports facility Trü

Sportanlage Trü in Scuol
Ice skating, curling and ice hockey - the Trü sports facility offers the right thing for all ice lovers!

Opening hours

The winter season 2024-2025 starts on Saturday, 16 November 2024.

Natureisfeld in Scuol


Ice skating and ice hockey Adults Children under 16 years
Single entry CHF 7.50 CHF 5.50
Subscription for 10 incl. Quadras indoor swimming pool CHF 67.00 CHF 49.00
Season ticket CHF 85.00 CHF 65.00
Annual ticket incl. Quadras indoor swimming pool CHF 215.00 CHF 170.00

Cash value card

Including indoor swimming pool Quadras, transferable      

  • from CHF 50.00    (discount 10%)
  • from CHF 100.00   (discount 15%)
  • from CHF 200.00  (discount 20%)

*Deposit of CHF 5.00 on all season tickets and cash value cards.


Rental object CHF
Skate and helmet hire 5.00
Hockey stick rental 2.00
Ice skating aids 5.00 + deposit (ID card)

Curling, a game for young and old

This exciting game can be tried and played on the open-air ice rink. The basics of the game can be learned in a course (on request). Five curling links are available on the Trü sports field.


Curling week

A highlight of the curling season is without doubt the traditional curling week in mid-January with the three tournaments Prix Sent, Coppa Cabana and the Grond Premi da Scuol. Those who play in all three tournaments can not only look forward to exciting days with the best curling atmosphere in the midst of an impressive mountain scenery, but also take part in the combined classification. Be part of a very special week, which is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience and is entirely dedicated to the sport that is also known as chess on ice because of its many tactical refinements. Bun Crap!


Curling taster course

If you would like to get a taste of curling air on a day, then please contact the sports facility Trü. You do not need any previous knowledge. Bring friends and acquaintances with you. We look forward to introducing you to the fascinating sport of curling.

Further information


Adults Children under 16 years
Curling including admission CHF 12.50 CHF 10.50

Curling basics for everyone

Every Thursday at 20.00 h. Registrations until 12.00 h. 29 December 2022 – 16 February 2023 CHF 20.00
Curling auf der Sportanlage Trü


Sports facility Trü Scuol
Via da Trü 394A
CH-7550 Scuol

Phone +41 (0)81 861 26 06
Web: www.sporttrü.ch