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Reto Rauch

Degustation Bergbier Biera Engiadinaisa
Hiking is his hobby - tasting and distributing beer is his passion. In his profession, Reto Rauch combines these two activities. Born in Senter, he is head of "Bieraria Tschlin", a brand characterized by regional quality and tradition.
Reto Rauch Bieraria Tschlin SA in Martina

Biera Engiadinaisa: Viva to the Engadin!

Reto Rauch from Sent knew early on what he wanted to be when he grew up: a farmer. During his apprenticeship, he quickly realized the importance of agriculture, especially for mountain regions like the Engadine. Because of this, he trained to become an agronomist. Today he is the managing director of Bieraria Tschlin SA in Martina. Together with his five employees, he is committed to the strong marketing of beer and other regional and sustainable products.

Wanderung zu neuen Bierkreationen

The beer specialist from Sent

For almost seven years now, Reto Rauch has been responsible for the operational management of Bieraria Engadinaisa SA as Managing Director. "In the beginning I was a consumer, only later did I devote most of my time to the administrative as well as financial activities and to the management of the company. Over the years, I have become familiar with the beer business and have slowly gained a foothold in the beer market." Through annual visits to trade fairs, a good exchange with other producers and always new ideas, Rauch has proven himself in the industry. So it's no surprise that he sells the popular Engadine barley juice in a large number of stores and restaurants throughout Switzerland.

Tschliner Bergquellwasser «La vegliatscha»

Tastes regional, tastes sustainable

All beer varieties of Bieraria Tschlin SA are produced 100% with Swiss and whenever possible even with regional ingredients. In addition, the beer varieties are all BIO and BERG certified. These characteristics also distinguish the real Engadine beer, according to Reto Rauch. What additionally enhances the unique taste is the natural and untreated Tschlin mountain spring water from the source "La vegliatscha" (Engl. the "Ancient").

Bergbier Biera Engiadinaisa hoch hinaus

Aiming high for new ideas

As managing director, Reto Rauch is also responsible for developing new beer varieties and christening them with fresh names. The best ideas usually come to Reto's mind when he's climbing mountains. What used to be several days of trekking on horseback for the horse fan, is now mountaineering and hiking. "When I stand on a mountain peak early in the morning and enjoy the beautiful view of the Engadine, I can best switch off and gather new ideas." This is also how, for example, the Steinmandli beer was created from Graubünden green hops.

Nationalpark Bike Marathon im Unterengadin

The beer on two wheels

Depending on the season or event, the team around Reto Rauch also produces special types of beer, such as the "Biker Beer". This was developed and brewed for the National Park Bike Marathon. For four years now, the "Biker Beer" has been produced with its very own recipe for the largest bike event in Graubünden. The beer is highly appreciated by the participating bikers and visitors and confirms the regionality of the event.

Das erste Bergbierfestival in Tschlin.

Hiking with the beer mug

"We offer a wide range of different flavors," explains Reto Rauch. Everyone will find their favorite beer with us!" But if you haven't found your favorite beer yet, you should definitely take part in the Mountain Beer Festival. On the panoramic hike from Vnà to Tschlin, various Swiss mountain beers can be tasted, all of which are produced above 1000 meters above sea level. Among them, of course, the "Bieras Engiadinaisas".

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