Acla da Fans - Val Sampuoir

18 km
2:30 h
700 mhd
700 mhd

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The tour begins in Acla da Fans and leads along the road for a short distance. Shortly after the first tunnel, the alpine road turns right into the wild Val Sampuoir.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2114 m
Lowest Point  1470 m
Best Season

Start Acla da Fans
Destination Las Eras
Coordinates 46.954994, 10.435284


Acla da Fans is a duty-free shop in the middle of the forest. The Samnaun duty-free zone begins in the area. The Val Sampuoir, at the valley exit of which Acla da Fans is located, belongs to the neighbouring municipality of "Valsot". The tour therefore begins at Acla da Fans and leads about 1.5 km along the Samnaun road, including a short, single-lane tunnel (be careful!). Shortly after the first tunnel, the alpine road turns right into the wild Val Sampuoir and the steady climb through the forest begins. After about 5.5 km and 450 metres of altitude difference at Plan da Purschès, you change the side of the valley and are now above the timberline. At the end of the valley you can see the highest peak in Samnaun, the Muttler, at 3296 m above sea level. The alpine road is somewhat less developed on the last 2 km. The bike tour ends at the alp "Las Eras", here you can only continue on foot, either in the direction of the Rossbodenjoch into the Samnaun "Val Maisas", or in the south over the Fuorcla Salèt in the direction of Tschlin in the Lower Engadine. From the alp "Las Eras", the same path leads back down the Val Sampuoir.


There are some nice barbecue sites along the route.


The tour was assessed in favourable weather conditions, current weather conditions and weather forecasts must be compulsorily observed before starting the tour. This tour requires a certain level of riding safety, balance and technical riding skills.

Emergency call:

144 Emergency call, first aid

112 International emergency call

Show consideration when crossing and overtaking hikers.

Most of the mountain bike routes in Graubünden run on single trails that are also signposted as hiking trails. Hikers always have the right of way.


  • From Acla da Fans the tour leads in the direction of Vinadi.

  • Shortly after the first tunnel turn right onto the natural road

  • Follow the road into the Val Sampuoir until the road ends at 2094 m above sea level and the destination Las Eras is reached.

  • As in the past, the Val Sampuoir is still used as an alpine pasture area, you pass the impressive alpine hut and there are some nice fireplaces on the way

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