Bathing in pure mineral water

Mineral Bath Bogn Engiadina Scuol

Im Aussenbecken.
A visit to the Bogn Engiadina is always worthwhile. Here you will find one of the most attractive mineral baths, with a spacious bathing and sauna area, the Roman-Irish bath and other therapy and wellness offers for your holistic well-being.

Dive in, sweat and relax.

Bathing and sauna area

The extensive bathing and sauna area at Bogn Engiadina invites you to pure relaxation. Here you can bathe in pure mineral water and choose from six different indoor and outdoor pools. You can sweat in various saunas and in a steam bath, and there are also various options for cooling off afterwards. After bathing or between sauna sessions, indoor and outdoor relaxation oases invite you to unwind. There is also a drinking station with natural mineral water in the sauna area.


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Aussenbecken Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina

Bathing area

A variety of pools with massage jets, bubbles, waterfalls and a current channel are available. The highlight is the outdoor pool with the best view of the Engadine mountains.

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Entspannung im Ruheraum des Bogn Engiadina Scuol, Engadin – © Johannes Fredheim

Sauna area

Choose between the steam bath, infusion sauna, fireplace sauna, panorama sauna and warm bath sauna. Cool off in the plunge pool, cold water pool, shower grotto or waterfall wall.

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Exclusive bathing pleasure.

Roman-Irish bath

In the Roman-Irish bath, Roman bathing culture meets Irish bathing tradition. Here, body and soul can recover and recharge their batteries. The passage takes up to 3.5 hours and the admission is coordinated so that you will only encounter a few visitors during your stay.

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Opening hours and tariffs

The Bogn Engiadina is open all year round. You can find the detailed opening hours and tariffs at

The Roman-Irish bath is accessible from the age of 18. You will find the free times during the booking process in the Reservation portal or by telephone at Bogn Engiadina +41 81 861 26 00.

Massage im Römisch-Irischen-Bad Bogn Engiadina Scuol.
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Wellness and Therapy Centre

All guests can choose from a wide range of relaxing wellness treatments, as well as a comprehensive therapy and rehabilitation offer with outpatient physiotherapy.

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RhB-Zug vor dem Schloss Tarasp

Guestcard PLUS. 20% discount at the Bogn Engiadina

From your first night in a hotel with the guestcard PLUS, you benefit not only from included public transport but also from an additional 20% discount on admission to the bathing and sauna area. 

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Nachhaltigkeit Fokus Ökologie

Sustainable because...

...the Bogn Engiadina combines ecological responsibility with traditional spa culture. Despite the high energy requirement for the bathing water, the spa relies on innovative measures such as geothermal probes and water-saving technologies to increase its energy efficiency. These efforts reflect the deep connection with the Engadin Scuol Zernez region, where sustainable development and cultural appreciation go hand in hand. The Bogn Engiadina thus stands for future-orientated, environmentally conscious tourism design that takes into account the needs of present and future generations.