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Ceramic Painting Butia Schlerin

Keramikmalen Butia Schlerin Sent im Unterengadin
At the ceramic painting course in the Butia Schlerin in Sent, there are no limits to creativity and a cosy get-together is guaranteed.

The team of the Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair holiday region was invited to take part in the «Ceramic Painting» holiday tip at the Butia Schlerin. So on a Tuesday evening after work we set off together to Sent. The Butia is located near the church in a beautiful Engadine house. The ambience is very homely and we immediately felt at home as we were welcomed by Heidi and Lidia.

Keramikmalen Butia Schlerin Sent im Unterengadin

Before we started painting the ceramics, Heidi gave us a short insight into the different dishes and figures that are available. Over 300 blanks can be painted. The ceramic blanks are poured into prefabricated moulds, hardened, removed from the mould and then heated in the kiln. If this were not done, the blanks would quickly break apart. After this step, the figures are then ready to be painted and decorated – creativity can be given free rein.

Keramikmalen Butia Schlerin Sent im Unterengadin

After the short introduction, we were allowed to take a seat in the painting studio and choose our blank. We could choose between a cup or a small bowl. Then came probably the most difficult part for us: between the many different colours, the sgraffito stamps and the glues that served as decoration, we were spoilt for choice. In a first step, we painted our chosen object colourfully and then let it dry for a few minutes.

Keramikmalen Butia Schlerin Sent im Unterengadin

In the second step, we used the sgraffito stamp. Stamping turned out to be not so easy. Neither too much nor too little paint could be used. Heidi instructed us in detail and before we dared to use our cup or bowl, we practised on a neutral plate. Our pulses shot up when we applied the first stamp to the previously carefully painted blank. But we can be quite satisfied with the result – it takes a lot of practice and experience, as Lidia explained to us.

Keramikmalen Butia Schlerin Sent im Unterengadin

After the final touches on our blank, we let the paint dry briefly and then took the cups and bowls into the next room. There, our works of art were covered with a glaze and then fired in the kiln. After this step, the colours really come into their own, because before firing, they are not in their original tone. Our work was done and we could end the evening with a cup of tea. A few days later, our ceramic cups and bowls were brought over and joyfully received by us.

The whole team would like to thank Heidi and Lidia for this great experience and the wonderful evening at the Butia Schlerin. This will definitely not be our last visit.

Keramikmalen Butia Schlerin Sent im Unterengadin

Important to know:

  • Arrival: possible by bus or car, parking at the church in Sent
  • Duration: depends on the blank chosen, approx. 2 to 3 hours
  • Additional information: Ceramic painting is an experience for young and old and the painted works of art make a great holiday souvenir.

Michelle Zbinden

Michelle Zbinden works for the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region in the content and marketing team. She has lived in the Engadine since August 2017 and enjoys spending her free time in nature. She particularly enjoys the variety of flowers in the Lower Engadine.

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