4th Experience Day Fly Fishing - 06.08.2023

4. Erlebnistag Fliegenfischen - 06.08.2023

Renato Vitalini. Fliegenfischer im Engadin.
Experience the unique nature of the Lower Engadine and dive into the fascination of fly fishing at the Inn.

6 August 2023 in Scuol / Gurlaina

Fly Fishing Experience Day

On the 4th Experience Day on Sunday, 6 August 2023 in Scuol / Gurlaina, beginners can learn how to tie and cast flies and experienced fly fishers can exchange ideas with professionals. Familiarise yourself with the peculiarities of fly fishing and learn useful tricks for tying, material and casting on a course, or actually on the water.


4. Erlebnistag Fliegenfischen


The fly fishing experience day starts at 9.45 a.m. and throughout the day there will be selected workshops on fly tying & insect lore, learning to cast flies, fly fishing on the water, which you can take part in during the day without registering.

New this year is a fly fishing challenge with great prizes for children and young people, where they will be introduced to fly fishing in a playful way.

The members of the local association "Società muos-chaders Engiadina Bassa" will reveal insider tips in the continuous workshops and the catering team, together with star chef Edi Hitzberger, will take care of the physical well-being. We are looking forward to many participants and an exciting day!

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