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Teamtag Mental Health
The topic of work-life balance is becoming increasingly important in our lives. How do we deal with stress and stressful situations? How can we integrate relaxation and exercise into everyday life? What does a mindful approach to oneself mean? What influence does this have on our work and our team?


In Clinica Curativa's workshop on this topic, we learn how to cultivate a mindful approach to ourselves. And how awareness of our own abilities to deal with difficult situations can help us to stay healthy and motivated.


  • 4 h


  • Workshop/speech on the topic of fear conducted by the Clinica Curativa 

  • Freely selectable group activity in the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region


  • On request, at least 2 weeks in advance

  • The booking is made via the website of the holiday region

Frau Dr. med. Melitta Breznik

Workshop Leader.

Dr. med. Melitta Breznik

Melitta Breznik, MD, doctor at the Clinica Curativa Health Centre Lower Engadine since 2015, began her career at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Since then, she has continued to develop, with positions as a senior physician at renowned clinics, as a writer and as an expert for Swiss Insurance Medicine. With a specialist title in psychiatry and psychotherapy (FMH) and a specialist certificate in anthroposophically extended medicine, Dr Breznik is not only an experienced medical practitioner, but also an expert in integrative and complementary medicine. Her commitment to the promotion of mental health is reflected not only in her many years of professional experience, but also in her involvement as Head Physician at the Psychosomatic Clinic Schützen Rheinfelden and the Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Clinic Sonneneck/Badenweiler.

«Work-life balance - the recipe for creativity and happiness at work and in your free time.»

Dr. med. Melitta Breznik 



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