Mountain beer festival Tschlin

Das erste Bergbierfestival in Tschlin.
Get to know Swiss mountain breweries (productions above 1000 m.a.s.l.) at the unique beer festival and taste aromatic beer varieties.

A unique idea

The current programme for the fourth Mountain Beer Festival 2021 will follow.

Beer festivals are everywhere. But a mountain beer festival nowhere. And here in the Engadine mountains, home to three mountain beer producers (Bieraria Tschlin SA in Martina, Alpenbrauerei Girun in Tschlin and Pontresiner Brauerei), the initiators came up with the idea of organizing a mountain beer festival. Something new. Something unique. And entertaining at the same time. Where not only the festival site has a special ambience, but also all the invited breweries are special because they all come from the Swiss mountains and produce with mountain spring water.

Impressions of the first and second mountain beer festival

    The breweries

    The Mountain Beer Festival has invited only small mountain breweries that produce with mountain spring water from the Swiss Alps. From Tschlin to Zermatt and from Pontresina to Monstein, all mountain breweries are invited to present themselves.


    And the following 25(! ) different kinds of beer were offered for tasting: Tschlin cler, Tschlin ambra, BE Weizen, Engadin Pale Ale, Lager, Märzen, Red Ale, Mountain Pale Ale, Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, Steinbock, Mungga, Huusbier, Wätterguoga, Arosa Sunna, Schanfigger Häx, 1800m IPA, Kirchlibräu, Bernina Bier, Gletscher Bier, Palü Bier, Bellavista Bier, Bündner Bier, Steinmändli Hopfentrophfen and Staila Alpina.

    The host

    Reto Rauch, the manager of the Biereria Engiadinaisa and Bun Tschlin have been working for many years to make the municipality of Valsot even better known to tourists and with this mountain beer festival a new tradition is to be established.

    Hike with mountain beer tasting

    The festival begins in Vnà with the mountain beer hike. From Scuol by post bus or shuttle bus the participants will go to Vnà. There you will find the first stand, where the guests will receive a festival mug in exchange for the entrance ticket and can taste the first mountain beer. The leisurely hike continues in the direction of Tschlin, on the Engadine high trail from one stand to the next.
    The hike is 8.4 kilometres long, easy and with a great view. On the opposite side of the valley, the 3000m peaks of the Engadine Dolomites are piling up. And on this special day you will also learn how the Swiss mountain tastes, as all the mountain beer breweries produce with mountain spring water, which will be presented at the tasting stands during the hike. Until the festival area everyone can try some 25 different types of mountain beer and continue drinking their newly chosen favourite beer at the festival area in Tschlin.

    Short facts about the hike

    From Vnà (1630 m a.s.l.) via the Engadine high path to Tschlin (1553 m a.s.l.), 8.4 kilometres, 227m↑ and 338m↓. Duration: 2.5 hours, comfortable hiking boots recommended

    Der Sommer in Tschiln

    Specialities from the region

    Besides fine beers from all over Switzerland, the food comes from Bun Tschlin producers. Salsiz, cheese and pear bread can be tasted and bought during the hike, and a speciality awaits visitors on the festival grounds: for the first time, an ox from the region will be grilled on a spit.

      Sustainability is written in capital letters

      On this festival, there is a special entrance fee: each visitor of the festival buys a ticket and with this ticket, one gets a beer mug at the beginning of the hiking tour. From this mug, that becomes a souvenir or a collector's item, one drinks the whole evening. By this way, the event is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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      Verkosten Sie Bier am Bergbierfest in Tschiln

      Further information

      Find out even more about the Tschlin Mountain Beer Festival on the official event website. For more information, click here .

      To the website Mountain Beer Festival Tschlin
      Reto Rauch Bieraria Tschlin SA in Martina

      The host,

      Reto Rauch

      Reto Rauch, the managing director of Biereria Engiadinaisa and Bun Tschlin, have been working for many years to make the municipality of Valsot even better known to tourists. With the Mountain Beer Festival, a new tradition is to be founded.