Suckler cow herds & guard dogs

Mutterkuhherde im Unterengadin
In the Lower Engadine, Samnaun and Val Müstair, mother cows graze with their calves. Herd protection dogs also watch over flocks of sheep. So that you know where you might encounter mother cows or guard dogs and how you should behave, we have put together the following information for you:

Mother cows.

Correct behaviour

Mother cows protect their calves - please behave as follows:

  • Keep your distance from cattle and stay calm.
  • Do not touch calves under any circumstances.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and let them go in an emergency.
  • Bikers and joggers: Stop and walk slowly past the herd.
Watch Like to Hike Vol. 2: Für friedliche Begegnungen zwischen Wandernden und Kühen on YouTube.

Herding dogs.

Correct behaviour

Guard dogs guard flocks of sheep. If you encounter a flock with a guard dog, please behave as follows:

  • Keep calm, go around the herd.
  • Do not approach and pet the dogs.
  • Keep your own dogs on a leash.
  • Bikers and joggers: Stop and walk slowly past the herd.

Current information on suckler cow herd locations and guard dogs

Further information

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Large carnivores

In addition to suckler cow herds, sheep herds and guard dogs, bears and wolves also currently live in the Lower Engadine.