News mineral water 11.12.2018

Interim status of sub-projects (Mineral) Water Positioning

Die Trinkhalle Büvetta Tarasp im Winter – Nairs, Engadin Scuol Zernez – Dominik Täuber
One year has passed since the official launch of the project «Overall Concept for (Mineral) Water Positioning». The first results have been achieved and many sub-projects are well on their way.

Status of the individual sub-projects

Guest Programme Holiday Tips

  • The summer offer «IL BÜGL PUBLIC» in Tschlin was supported as part of the (Mineral) Water Positioning.

Mineral Water Trail

  • Work on the new design of the mineral water trail is underway. Necessary repairs and the replacement of outdated signs are planned.
  • Three new circular routes with new signposts are to be created.
  • In addition, the existing brochure will probably become a folding map.

myclimate Audio Adventure

  • With the digitisation of the myclimate Audio Adventure on and the creation of the English version by myclimate, the sub-project has been completed so far.


  • The agency further elaborated on the pre-selected staging ideas.
  • For the detailed work, a second site visit was made to clarify the various possibilities and feasibilities.
  • Finally, the agency drew up a detailed concept for a final decision on implementation.

2019: Anniversary 650 Years of Mineral Water Experience – Wellness Destination since 1369

  • A draft planning was drawn up in cooperation with the municipality of Scuol.
  • In autumn 2018, there was a public call for participation in the anniversary. For this purpose, a media release was written and direct enquiries were made to associations by means of an invitation to tender.
  • Further planning work, in particular communication on the anniversary, is underway.

Usability of (mineral) water in the region

  • Clarifications on the bottling of mountain spring water are underway with Bieraria Tschlin SA, tourism coordination Valsot and the Office for Food Safety and Animal Health of the Grisons.

Sale & visualisation of local tap water in gastronomy

  • The plan for a uniform carafe in all catering establishments was presented to the Lower Engadin Hoteliers' Association for the first time.
  • There is widespread interest in the use of such a carafe.
  • A concept is now being developed for its implementation.


  • Mention of the project again at the season kick-off event for the winter season.


  • Close network: Regular exchange within the sub-projects and implementation of two partner exchanges.
  • Supra-regional network: Direct information mail on the continuation of the project.

Sounding Board

  • Second meeting has taken place: Discussion on further development after the end of the project.