News mineral water 03.02.2020

Media event: Anniversary review and project status

Ausschnitt des Berichts der Südostschweiz zum Mineralwasser-Medienanlass
A media event was held to look back on the anniversary «650 years experience of mineral water» and at the same time to examine various results of the (mineral) water positioning and to present further measures. The regional media showed great interest and reported on the implementation and efforts to strengthen the mineral water positioning.

For example, a large metal landmark in front of the entrance to the Bogn Engiadina now points out the mineral baths, a prototype of a fountain stele depicted how mineral water will be pointed out at four village fountains in Scuol in the future, and many innovations make the mineral water trails Scuol an attractive experience.

Learn more about the anniversary review and the news of the overall concept of (mineral) water positioning in the media (in German and Romansh):

Südostschweiz: «Im Unterengadin werden die Quellengeister geweckt»

La Quotidiana: «Reposiziunà l'aua minerala»

RTR: «L’istorgia da l’aua minerala – in tema turistic»

Engadiner Post: «Sustegn da la Pro Aua Minerala»