Healthy forests project enters the next phase

Winter im romantischen Val S-charl.
We are delighted to announce that we have been able to move into the funding phase this week - a great first success! Many thanks to all those who have already registered and believe in our project.

Second phase

Our project is entering its second phase, the funding phase. As spring is already in the starting blocks and we are all longing to immerse ourselves in nature again, we still need your support to further develop the "Health Forests" project, or "Gods da sandà" in Romansh. Now is the ideal time to get active and support us financially. Until 12 May 2024, you have the opportunity to contribute to the realisation of our vision. Every donation is crucial to making forest bathing and forest therapy programmes accessible to everyone.

Gods da sandà.

The project

As part of the "Health Forests" project, various forest bathing and forest therapy programmes for prevention and rehabilitation are to be developed and made available to everyone on site. This also goes hand in hand with raising awareness of the importance of forests in the hope of preserving them for future generations.

How can you support the project?

We are dependent on financial support for the realisation of the project. This is the only way we can design and implement offers and provide the necessary infrastructure to enable locals, second homes and guests a low-threshold introduction to the use of forests for the benefit of their well-being.



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Help us to use our forests as a source of health and well-being - every donation counts!

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The Healthy Forests project

Spending time in the forest reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and improves well-being. The project aims to make these health-promoting opportunities accessible to everyone.

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