Nevin Galmarini

Snowboarder and Mountainbiker

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, around my home, is the kind of first-class trail that gives me the opportunity to reorder my emotions. On the day trip around Scuol, I sort out thoughts, negative memories and associated fears. Alone in nature, I process mental ballast before facing new challenges. Mountain biking gives me the flow and the maximum feeling of being alive, to be only in the here and now - it cleanses my soul.

At dawn, I put one foot in front of the other. A thousand thoughts and
feelings flash through my mind. On the ascent to Piz Clünas, I give free rein to my musings. The back operation, pain every day - I never want to experience that again. Will I be able to live up to the expectations of my results next winter? I feel the weight on my shoulders. The alpine air only flows into my lungs in a diluted form. I recognize the contours of the surrounding peaks on the horizon. The endless hours of therapy in the weight room have not failed to have their effect. I'm going to have to get my ass in gear. The ascent takes forever. Man is that exhausting! I'll show them all again! Will I? A first ray of sunshine shines in my face.

Nevin mit dem Bike bei Sonnenuntergang

The soft light of the morning sun slowly descends from the mountain peaks into the still dark valleys. I settle down on the summit stone and close my eyes.
The perfect final run at the Olympic Games! Was that perhaps unique? Can I repeat it again? With each breath, the effort of the ascent recedes further into the distance. The flashes of thought and doubt dissipate like a downpour at the height of summer. I feel peace within me.

It is time to set off, my gaze is directed forward. Gravity pulls me
down the valley. With every meter my focus increases. With every second I feel freer.
Everything that weighs on me and the negative memories of my injuries have remained at the top of the summit.

My chosen pace, the demands of the trail and my skills meet. For me, this is exactly where the flow is. My body is producing endorphin in raw quantities and pumping it into every single cell. Everything blurs around me. I am absolutely in the here and now.

So that the feelings of happiness do not pass too quickly, I pause halfway and stop for a moment. "Pan e chaschöl", bread and cheese. I listen to the crickets and the birds. The marmots whistle in the distance. Nature in its purest form.


Left, right, heel, counterclimb, root carpet. It's almost like snowboarding!
Woohoo! Awesome! Braaap!

What a day! On the banks of the Lai Nair I feel a deep satisfaction. I am dog-tired, but my batteries are full. The doubts that accompanied me in the ascent to the summit
are far away. The duels on the snow can begin! A pleasant calm spreads through me. I am happy.



Text: Fridolin Engler / Pictures: Oceana Galmarini

Watch MENTAL HYGIENE - Olympic champion Nevin Galmarini on the best mountain bike trails around Scuol. on YouTube.

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