Scuol fountain tour

3.1 km
1:00 h
122 mhd
122 mhd
Dorfbrunnen Bügl Grond
Dorfbrunnen Plaz

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Dorfbrunnen Plazzetta
The Scuol fountain tour takes in five village fountains from whichyou can taste natural mineral water straight from the tap.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 1/6
Highest Point  1314 m
Lowest Point  1196 m
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Start Entrance Bogn Engiadina, PostBus stop «Scuol, Bogn Engiadina»
Destination Entrance Bogn Engiadina, PostBus stop «Scuol, Bogn Engiadina»
Coordinates 46.798152, 10.301188


In total, more than twenty mineral springs have their source in the municipal territory of Scuol. They owe their diversity to the geological peculiarity of the Lower Engadine window. Since the first mention in 1369, the high-quality water has had a decisive influence on the history of Scuol and is still of central importance today.

It is not necessary to go far to taste the water of various mineral springs. Mineral water flows constantly at five village fountains in Scuol. It is recommended to take a cup or a glass bottle with you.


We recommend that you bring a bottle or cup with you so you can taste the water from the tapped springs. From the following mineral springs the water is led to the fountains:


Chalzina spring to the village fountain Bügl Grond

Sotsass spring to the village fountain Plaz

Sotsass spring to the village fountain Bagnera

Clozza spring to the squirrel fountain

Vi spring to the village fountain Plazzetta


The Scuol fountain tour starts at the entrance of the Bogn Engiadina and leads through its brine tower, so that one gets to a water playground in a small park. After crossing the park, the old part of the village Scuol Sot is reached, where well-preserved Engadine houses can be admired. Finally, the first village fountain is reached and at the same time the largest of all, the Bügl Grond. The tour continues to the village fountain Plaz. From there it goes up, past the town hall to the village fountain Bagnera. Now the Clozza stream is crossed in quick succession, where one immediately encounters the fourth village fountain, the so-called squirrel fountain. Past the old people's home, the route crosses a bridge over the cantonal road and reaches the upper, new part of the village. Continuing slightly uphill, the fountain tour leads to the Vi spring, the only spring on the tour. After a short rest at the highest point, the tour continues to the old part of the village Scuol Sura, where the village fountain Plazzetta is located. From there, one descends to Stradun and soon reaches the entrance of the Bogn Engiadina again.

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