"Biking sometimes feels like flying".

Trail Scout - Werni Dirren

Bergpanorama in Scuol, Foto: Filip Zuan
If anyone knows his way around the trails of Scuol, it's Werni. As a scout for Supertrail Map, he has driven down and classified every path and trail in the region. "Scuol is a true pearl. Enduro lovers definitely get their money's worth here," he knows.
Scuol mit dem Rad erleben, Foto: Filip Zuan

Day after day on the bike

Werni pedals practically every day in the summer and is on the road as a bike guide throughout Europe. He still prefers to ride at home in Scuol. "The Lower Engadine is the most scenic mountain region I know. Nowhere else do you experience biking as close to nature as here. And the trail network is extensive and diverse."

Die Natur genießen in Scuol, Foto: Filip Zuan

At home in any terrain

Whether it's a root path, flow trail or tight curves: Werni feels comfortable in any terrain. He loves variety - and he finds it in Scuol. "Thanks to the National Park Bike Marathon and as a Transalp stopover, the Lower Engadine is primarily known for long tours. But the region has so much more to offer."

Die schöne Landschaft von Scuol, Foto: Filip Zuan

Werni loves long descents

A typical bike day with Werni looks like this: He takes the train up to Motta Naluns and lets himself be driven by wind and weather. Sooner or later, he usually ends up at Alp Clünas, where he enjoys the peace and quiet and the panoramic view over the valley. "The best thing up here at just under 2500 meters is that I have a long descent on natural trails ahead of me!"

Scuol im Engadin, Foto: Filip Zuan

Host and restaurateur

Werni lives in an old Engadine house with sgraffito ornaments and deep windows - it is the house of his ancestors. He calls it the "Bike Villa" because he rents out three apartments in it. Werni enjoys being a host and gastronomy is his second great passion. Especially in winter, when he feeds skiers as head of the Alpetta mountain restaurant.

Scuol im Engadin, Foto: Filip Zuan

Cozy Engadine

What he appreciates about the Lower Engadine is not only the intact nature, but also the original villages. That's why Werni likes to show his guests the terrace villages of Ftan and Sent. "The good trails pass by here anyway." And down in Scuol, a stop at one of the many fountains is mandatory. "It's pretty cool when you can fill up your water bottle with natural mineral water."

On topic

Die schöne Landschaft von Scuol, Foto: Filip Zuan
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