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Barrier-free at Tarasp Castle

Schloss Tarasp im Sommer
If you know the stumbling blocks, defending the castle cannot prevent a visit in a wheelchair. Here you will find all the information you need to find out whether the castle is suitable for you to visit.

Guided tour of Tarasp Castle

It may not look like it from the outside, but the castle has had a lift for a good hundred years. You can visit most of Tarasp Castle in a wheelchair. However, you can only take part in private guided tours with a wheelchair. The guide must take a different route to include the lift in the tour.

Take public transport to the Tarasp Fontana stop. From here it is a steep climb up to the castle.

By car you can drive to the parking lot above the Tarasp Florins bus stop. This is the staff car park and not open to the public. So register in advance and let them know that you will be arriving by car.

Whether you arrive by car or by post bus, you cannot avoid the steep gravel path up to the castle courtyard. When you register, you can ask for a shuttle service. The castle courtyard itself is littered with large natural cobblestones, which is not very pleasant for the front wheels of the wheelchair. We recommend that you use a Swisstrack for this route.

A lift leads from the castle courtyard into the castle. The lift has a door width of 68 cm. It takes you to the different levels of the castle and you can follow the guided tour. On each floor, however, you have to climb three to five steps. On the battlements and everywhere in the castle, you will repeatedly come across the 68 cm measurement.

Tel. +41 81 557 17 66

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Aussicht auf Tarasp und das Schloss

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eingeschränkt Rollstuhl zugänglich

Tarasp Castle

has restricted access

Door width in the lift and in the castle is 68 cm!

Registration and private tour necessary in a wheelchair!

Guided tour was tested with Swisstrack and is also recommended with it (cobblestones)!

In the castle, there are three to five steps on each floor.