The historic drinking hall

Büvetta Tarasp

Die Trinkhalle Büvetta Tarasp – das Haus des Wassers in Nairs im Unterengadin © 2B OptiK
The association Pro Büvetta Tarasp is actively working for the preservation, protection and a new use of the historical heritage of the drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp, which is located in a danger zone and is therefore not accessible until further notice. The building houses the two most mineralised springs in the Lower Engadin – the Lucius and Emerita springs – and is symbolic of the emergence of tourism in the region.
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Büvetta Tarasp – Nairs, Engadin Scuol Zernez –

The drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp

Learn more about the history of the Büvetta Tarasp, the building itself and what has been achieved so far to save the drinking hall and what is still to come.

Learn more about the drinking hall
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Der Verein Pro Büvetta Tarasp an der jährlichen Generalversammlung © Dominik Täuber

Association Pro Büvetta Tarasp

The association is committed to access and revitalisation of the drinking hall. The association receives support locally, from all over Switzerland and even beyond the country's borders.

Read more about the association
Ausblick auf Büvetta in Tarasp
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News from the Büvetta Tarasp

Learn more about the current happenings to save the drinking hall.

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Lower Engadin mineral water

Below the drinking hall, the natural mineral springs Lucius and Emerita are captured and still bubble to the surface. Learn more about the Lower Engadin spring paradise.

To the Lower Engadin mineral water