Discover the Lower Engadin mineral springs

Mineral water experiences

Drink carbonated water directly from a village well or even bathe in it, marvel at springs historically captured or in all their naturalness – this is possible on a distance of only six kilometres around Scuol. Various offers provide the opportunity to experience the mineral water from more than 20 springs and to learn more about it.
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Vulpera AR

Misteri a Vulpera The secret of Vulpera

The Mystery of Vulpera is an interactive puzzle game. Travel back in time to 1908 and help solve the mystery of the missing hotel guest.

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Mineralquellenführung rund um Scuol.

Spring paradise Mineral spring tour

On the guided tour you will get a vivid insight into the formation and characteristics of mineral waters and visit selected mineral springs and historical sites.
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Pure enjoyment and plenty of amazement Mineral water degustation

Water Sommeliere® Sabina Streiter takes you into the fascinating world of mineral water combined with a delicious alcohol-free aperitif.  Learn more about her sensory skills and food pairing.

Zur Mineralwasser-Degustation
Chalzina Sura-Quelle – Mineralwasserwege Scuol
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Mineral water trails Scuol

You can discover numerous mineral springs, as well as those in their natural state and village fountains with mineral water, on three round tours in and around Scuol.

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Dorfbrunnen in Tschlin, Unterengadin

Aua Forta – Water Days Engadin Scuol

The next Engadin Scuol Water Days will be held on the theme of «Water, Climate and Tourism in Mountain Areas». The event will newly be accompanied by a symposium.
Learn more about the Aua Forta
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Brunnenbad Herbst
Bild: Michelle Zbinden

«Il Bügl Public» Engadine fountain bath

With a mulled wine in one hand and a glass of natural mineral water in the other, it's wonderful to relax with like-minded people in the heated Plaz fountain in Scuol.

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Engadiner Kräuter-Fussbad

«Il Bügl Public» Engadine Herbal Footbath

Enjoy the natural power of the mineral water from Scuol, the local herbs and hay and discover the secrets of reflexology during the Engadine herbal foot bath.

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Wassersprechstunde – Mineralwasser der Ferienregion Engadin Scuol Zernez – miraculaua Scuol
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Water therapy consultions

Discover your individually strengthening mineral water exclusively in a water consultation with the support of kinesiological balance.

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myClimate Audio Adventure ©Andrea Badrutt

myclimate audio adventure

Learn about Scuol’s mineral springs, local history and environmental protection during this interactive audio experience.
Find out more about the myclimate audio adventure
Im Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina in Scuol.
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Mineral bathhouse Bogn Engiadina

In the centre of the wellness destination is the mineral bath Bogn Engiadina with its spacious bathing and sauna area as well as the Roman-Irish bath. Here you can relax and unwind.

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