Nevin Galmarini

Duality – a four – part series about opposites

Nevin Galmarini Duality
Snowboarding is totally simple: left, right, left, right. And yet an enormous number of details determine the feeling you get on a single ride. My new film project on the subject of duality highlights in four parts precisely this intense interaction between mind and body, and between day and night.

Part 1: The white ride

Past and future are merely constructions of our mind, and time is a fleeting commodity. Dressed entirely in white on the brightly lit slope, I am barely recognisable at a distance, yet I am here, drawing my line in the snow. One moment there and the next gone, I only leave behind a temporary painting in the dark night.

Part 2: The magic carpet ride

Backside turn, the bottom only a few centimetres above the piste. Frontside turn, the whole body close to the snow and feeling the counterpressure of the snow on the lower leg and in the thighs. A brief moment of complete tension and, at the same time, the calm certainty of doing everything right. The world around me blurs. I melt into my board and the carpet of snow.

Part 3: Moon Carving

Just a sparkle of light in the night. Snow splashes up. The perfectly carved line is drawn. Inside me, the mental carousel of respect, fear and childlike joy is spinning. But every time I fly down the slope with this feeling and on a knife's edge, I am entirely in the flow, and I don't want to be anything or anyone else.

Part 4: Black or White

Night fades into the day with the first sun rays, and the contrasts change completely. White becomes black, and black becomes white. With each turn, the conditions change. But isn't it exactly this variety that makes life worth living? Face the duality in life and use the constant alternations to your advantage!