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Engadin Nordic Days

The Engadin Nordic Days - the ultimate cross-country skiing experience! This three-day training camp in small groups not only offers the opportunity to improve your individual cross-country skiing skills with the help of targeted training in the gym and on the track. Also enjoy the togetherness and the fun of winter sports to the fullest!

Sport, fun and relaxation

Our unique combination of building training in the gym and hands-on technique classes on the trail will help you take your cross-country technique to the next level. Whether you are an experienced cross-country skier or just diving into this fascinating sport, the training camp offers suitable training opportunities for every participant.

The Engadin Nordic Days are not only about the sport, they are also full of fun and relaxation. Look forward to overnight stays in an excellent wellness hotel. After an exciting day, you can round off the evening in the sauna or mineral bath. This perfect composition of training, fun and relaxation allows you to enjoy your time to the fullest and start the season stronger.

Your experience

Bogn Engiadina Scuol
Overnight stay in a wellness hotel

After an eventful cross-country skiing training session, you can round off the day in the sauna or bath. You can enjoy the amenities in one of our wellness hotels and recharge your batteries for the day ahead.

Training bei Arno Galmarini im Origym
Guided training programme at ORIGYM

In mobility, stretching and sport-specific functional training sessions, we take your wellbeing to the next level and get you fit for cross-country skiing.

Langlaufunterricht in Scuol mit der Langlaufschule Manaröl.
Technique courses on the cross-country track with MANA OIL

Included in the offer are three guided technique courses on the cross-country trail. Under the guidance of trained coaches, you will refine your technique and efficiency in cross-country skiing.

Loipe Ftan
Cross-country ski pass

You will receive a cross-country skiing pass so that you can also train freely on the trails.

Beratungsgespräch im Fitnesscenter Origym.
Tips & tricks for staying fit at home

In the ORIGYM you will receive additional tips on how to stay fit after the training camp and continue at home.

Langlaufen im Engadin
Material rental as required

Up-to-date equipment and top waxed cross-country skis can be booked individually. 

(excl. from the all-inclusive price)


The following two training camps are offered:

Learn & Fun, 5-7 January 2024

  • Beginner

Fine-tuning for races, 2 - 4 February 2024

  • Advanced

The training camps are organised with a minimum of three participants. You will be informed 15 days before the event.

The programme

Day 1 Time Programm Place
individual Arrival with extra bookable night individual
Day 2
10.30 Material rental (if required) Shop Manaröl
10.45 Bainvgnü in the shop Shop Manaröl
11.00 - 12.00 Cross-country ski lessons/training
16.00 Gym - Introduction ORIGYM
afterwards Wellness & Recovery Bogn Engiadina
Day 3
10.00 - 11.00 Cross-country ski lessons/training
11.00 independent cross-country skiing
16.00 Gym Workout ORIGYM
17.00 Smoothie - Round ORIGYM
afterwards Wellness & Recovery Bogn Engiadina
Day 4
7.30 Gym - WakeUp Session ORIGYM
afterwards Brunch
11.00 Cross-country ski lessons/training
afterwards CheckOut and individual departure individual
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
individual 10.30 10.45 11.00 - 12.00 16.00 afterwards 10.00 - 11.00 11.00 16.00 17.00 afterwards 7.30 afterwards 11.00 afterwards
Arrival with extra bookable night Material rental (if required) Bainvgnü in the shop Cross-country ski lessons/training Gym - Introduction Wellness & Recovery Cross-country ski lessons/training independent cross-country skiing Gym Workout Smoothie - Round Wellness & Recovery Gym - WakeUp Session Brunch Cross-country ski lessons/training CheckOut and individual departure
individual Shop Manaröl Shop Manaröl ORIGYM Bogn Engiadina ORIGYM ORIGYM Bogn Engiadina ORIGYM individual

Our partner

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Loipenbericht: Offene Loipen im Unterengadin.
Sport with passion
Cross-country skiing school MANARÖL

The team has a high demand on itself and that is how it is taught. The units are adapted to the level of the participants and work on their specific cross-country skills.

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Fitnessangebot ORIGYM in Scuol, Unterengadin
ORIGYM is an attitude to life
Fitness studio ORIGYM

ORIGYM motivates through its special atmosphere with a passion for movement and people and all are welcome - from beginners to competitive athletes.

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Auf der Via Engiadina erwarten Sie Unterkünfte mit herrlichem Bergpanorama.
For the recovery
Wellness hotels

Your overnight stay at the wellness hotel promises not only a restful night, but also an all-round relaxing experience. Recharge your batteries, pamper yourself and return to the trails invigorated.

Langlaufen im Engadin


non-binding enquiry

Attention cross-country skiing fans! Receive a non-binding offer and secure your very own personalised cross-country skiing experience.

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Langlaufen entlang des Inn im Unterengadin, Schweiz.

All about cross country skiing

Whether on the valley floor along the river Inn or on the sunny plateau of Ftan, the Lower Engadin convinces with more than 90 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails.

More information about cross-country skiing in Lower Engadin