On the road with Vreni.

Hike to Mot da Set Mezdis

Mot da Set Mezdis im Unterengadin
A magnificent view of the Lower Engadine with its striking Dolomites all the way over to Austria and the South Tyrol – this is what awaits you on today's hike with Vreni.

Mot da Set Mezdis – translated into German as «Hügel der sieben Mittage». This means that on the Mot da Set Mezdis you will hear seven noon bells from seven municipalities, namely Sent, Scuol, Tarasp, Ftan, Ardez, Ramosch and Vnà. 

The starting point of our tour is Sent. Sent, mentioned as a village, dates back to the year 930, where it is listed as «Vicus Sindes» in a document. Since 1879, however, the Engadine village has officially been called Sent.

Grosser Dorfplatz von Sent in der Ferienregion Engadin Scuol Zernez, Andrea Badrutt

The ascent from Sent is leisurely along a meadow path starting above the village. The path leads in slow bends up to below the forest, then you dive into the coolness of the shady fir trees. After about an hour, you cross the road to Alp Telf / Spadla. Continue up through the forest until you reach the plateau of Plan Dartos. Here you have a wonderful view into the Val Sinestra to Zuort and the village of Vnà, which seems to be glued to the southern slope of Piz Arina 2828 m above sea level. The Piz Tschütta / Stammerspitz 3254 m above sea level and the Muttler 3295 m above sea level of Samnaun frame the view in the background.

Now we tackle the last small ascent, not much further and we are at the top of the Mot da Set Mezdis. When we reach our destination, we sit down comfortably on the grass and wait until it strikes 12.00 noon. When we sit quietly, we can really hear the ringing of the seven churches – so beautiful and so contemplative.

Wanderung zum Mot da Set Mezdis

Alternatively, you have the option of hiking up on the small road that leads to Alp Telf and Spadla. This small road winds its way up through a sparse fir forest. Below Alp Telf you come out of the forest and have a wonderful panoramic view towards the south and the Lower Engadine. At Alp Telf you can take a short break or continue hiking straight away. Afterwards, there is a short, hard climb, but it is worth it, because a wonderful variety of flowers such as anemones, male chaff, edelweiss and gentian delight the heart of every hiker.

No matter which path you take, you will have a panoramic view of the entire valley, from Nauders to Motta Naluns. 

Enzian im Unterengadin

Then it's a leisurely walk back down into the valley towards Sent. Here you can opt for a third path solution. Below the Prümaran Prà San Flurin, the path leads into the forest, which is very varied and affords a dreamlike view of the village of Sent. 

That was my experience. A small but leisurely hike, with a magnificent view over the Lower Engadine. Viva la Val, Viva Engiadina Bassa.

Wichtig zu wissen:

  • How to get there: by car (parking spaces available for a fee) or by public bus
  • Duration: approx. 2.5 - 3.5 hours hiking time, depending on route
  • Equipment: hiking boots, warm clothing, sun and rain protection
  • For families: The hike is also easily doable with children
Vreni Conradin

Vreni Conradin

Vreni Conradin was an employee of the Scuol guest information office and has been working for the Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair holiday region for over 20 years. Since April 2021 she is in retired.

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