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Hike to the Jöriseen

Ausblick auf die Jöriseen
Fantastic views alternate with sweaty climbs and refreshing mountain lakes on this hike. The path to the crystal-clear, deep-blue shimmering Jöriseen lakes in the area between Lower Engadine and Davos is rewarded with numerous highlights!

To say it right up front: next time we would probably do it differently and not start our hike in Susch but at the Prà Dadoura stop on the Flüela pass road. This way we could save the first ascent on the forest road and spend more time at the Jöriseen instead. But we are lucky: two paragliders give us a lift in their car for the first 500 metres of ascent – and so there is still enough time for a nap in the sun at the end.

Wanderung zu den Jöriseen ab Susch im Unterengadin

My colleague and I didn't really start hiking until we were just under 1900 m above sea level, from where we took the panoramic path towards Alp Fless Dadoura: at first relatively flat and with fantastic views, then somewhat steeper through the forest down to the Aua da Fless stream (you could also get there from Prà Dadoura). We now hike further upstream on the alpine road to Alp Fless Dadaint, where we take a first small break to fortify ourselves for the upcoming climb.

Alp Fless Dadaint im Unterengadin

The path to the Jöriflesspass is rather steep at the beginning but not exposed and therefore easily manageable. Zigzagging across the flower-covered alpine meadows and with a view of a small waterfall, the trail climbs quickly and after a good half hour we reach a hill. However, we have to bury our hopes that this could already be the top of the pass. The path now climbs moderately again and after another good half hour we cross a last tiny snow field and reach the Jöriflesspass.

Aufstieg zu den Jöriseen von Susch im Unterengadin

At the latest now we know for sure: every bead of sweat was worth it! The lake district at approx. 2550 m above sea level offers new highlights around every bend. The choice at which of the crystal-clear and deep-blue shimmering lakes we should take our lunch break is correspondingly difficult. At the penultimate of the seven lakes we pass, we finally make ourselves comfortable on the shore. While others bravely (but obviously with a lot of effort) swim a round, for us a footbath in the cold water is cooling enough.

Wanderung und Ausblick auf die Jöriseen ab Susch

Strengthened, we set off in the afternoon for the final stage. To reach the pass Jöriflüelafurgga and thus the highest point of the hike (2740 m a.s.l.), we have to persevere a bit. The last ascent is a tough one and towards the end leads over slightly rocky terrain with some larger steps. Thanks to ropes in one place or another, however, this passage is easily manageable. And the best thing: from up here we get another fantastic panoramic view of the Jöriseen.

Ausblick auf die Jöriseen

Now we head downhill, first over slightly scree terrain, then over alpine meadows with peacefully grazing cows. Our destination is the Wägerihus bus stop on the Flüela Pass road, from where we take the post bus back to Susch. Good timing is recommended here so that you have a connection as soon as possible.

Our conclusion: a wonderful hike with short challenging sections, which is particularly captivating due to the enchanting landscape on the high plateau with the Jöriseen lakes.

Highlights Wanderung Jöriseen ab Susch im Unterengadin

Important to know:

  • Arrival: By RhB or car to Susch (or up to the PostBus stop Prà Dadoura)
  • Duration: approx. 8 h from Susch (from Prà Dadoura approx. 5.5 h)
  • Tip: a refreshing swim in one of the crystal-clear mountain lakes (for some people it is enough just to cool their feet)
  • Equipment: Sturdy shoes, hiking clothes suitable for the weather, hiking poles if necessary, provisions and water for the way
Martina Stadler

Martina Hollenstein

Martina Hollenstein has lived in Scuol since 2017 and is the tourism director of the Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair holiday region. In her free time, she enjoys being out in nature – be it hiking, skiing or on horseback.

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