Lavin – Ardez – Scuol

20.1 km
4:45 h
430 mhd
613 mhd
Technique 1/6
Fitness /6
Highest Point  1671 m
Lowest Point  1247 m
Best Season
46.769584, 10.11108



From the train station in Lavin, you go as far as the church, then head north-east on the old valley road towards Guarda. After a short climb, you reach a striking assemblage of old pieces of stonework. These are the ruins of the old hamlet of Gonda. The path continues to rise evenly, then turns into the lower part of Val Tuoi and crosses the mountain creek at Guarda sawmill. Shortly after the ravine, the route joins up with the road leading up from Giarsun which you then follow to Guarda. We recommend taking some time here.

At the uppermost house, you then continue to the hamlet of Bos-cha. It is in an incredibly beautiful location with a panoramic view over Ardez. The reddish Flower of Jupiter (lychnis flos-jovis) blooms along the edge of the path. After the little creek below Bos-cha, at Pt. 1570 to the left of the road bare, stony round domes can be seen protruding from the grass; these are bowl stones.

The trail then stays at the same altitude and turns at a charming group of larches above the village of Ardez, set barely 100 metres below. The trail leads on through meadows and fields to Chanoua. All that remains here are the ruins of old stables and Susten from the time of the Säumer. The building burned down in 1742. It was then poorly rebuilt and remained periodically inhabited until 1910.

Shortly after Chanoua, the path to Val Tasna turns onto the Ardez–Ftan road, which leads you to the Tasna bridge. On the other side of the bridge, you can avoid the road by walking up the valley along the alpine route on the left side of the creek for about 200 metres, and then taking a forest path that branches to the right towards Ftan.

The village of Ftan is situated on a terrace offering wonderful views. From Ftan Grond along the village road, you continue to Ftan Pitschen, which is a better-preserved example of the character of an Engadine farming village. Unlike Ftan Grond, it was never destroyed repeatedly by blazes or avalanches. At the eastern, lower exit from the village, turn right towards Munt Clü and enjoy the extensive view of the landscape of Tarasp–Vulpera, Tarasp Castle, which dominates the entire region and the village of Scuol, which you can reach via the train station or Liuns.

Inns en route: In all villages: various restaurants.


Lavin – Guarda – Ardez – Ftan – Scuol


Public Transport

Getting there: By PostBus or train (RhB) to Lavin.

Getting back: By PostBus or train from Scuol Staziun.

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