Mineral water trail – senda d'aua minerala Scuol: bügl e funtana

5.2 km
1:45 h
148 mhd
148 mhd
Senda d’aua minerala Scuol: bügl e funtana

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Weg zur Clozza-Quelle
A pleasant hike through Scuol to fountains and mineral springs, with immersion in nature at the Clozza Gorge.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 1/6
Highest Point  1328 m
Lowest Point  1244 m
Best Season

Start Scuol-Tarasp railway station
Destination Scuol-Tarasp railway station
Coordinates 46.794077, 10.287971


The mineral water trail «bügl e funtana», which leads to springs with their own fountains, starts at the Scuol-Tarasp railway station, from which it heads towards the Trü sports facilities. Next, you come to the first typical Engadin houses – and just like that, you are in the old part of the village of Scuol above the Stradun. Here, you will find the village fountain Plazzetta, where you can taste your first mineral water of the tour. After tasting the water of the Vi spring, you will continue on the cobblestones to the Clozza stream. The mineral water trail then crosses the stream and goes up to and past the hospital. At a fork in the road, you take the path to Sent, and soon you come to another fork and then go right again. There, you will come across the Sotsass spring and its pretty little square. From there, the mineral water trail goes back to the hospital and then goes upwards. It leads into the Clozza Gorge and in between rocks, where the path is partly exposed. When you reach the stream below, you will find a fixture with a lid. The Clozza spring is under there. Feel free to open the lid and press the light switch. You can taste the water further down at the «Squirrel Fountain» (Bügl da Squilat). Once you have fortified yourself with the Clozza spring water, you will continue on past the retirement home to the Vi spring in the new part of the village of Scuol. This spring, whose water contains iron, is located near Quartierstrasse (the district road). The route then goes back to the train station. Just before the station, you can see the Chalzina Sura spring in its natural state.


We recommend that you bring a bottle or cup with you so you can taste the water from the tapped springs.


The tour was evaluated under favourable weather conditions. Before starting the tour, we strongly advise you to check the current weather conditions and the forecast.


Emergency phone numbers:

144    Emergency services, ambulance

1414  REGA mountain rescue

112    European emergency service


Scuol-Tarasp railway station – Plazzetta – hospital – Sotsass spring – hospital – Clozza spring – Squirrel Fountain – retirement home – Vi spring – Chalzina Sura spring – Scuol-Tarasp railway station

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