8 September 2023

Il Bügl Public: Engadine Herbal Footbath

Bügl public Brunnenbad
Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of massage art, pamper your senses and do something good for your feet with the revitalising herbal fountain bath for the feet.

Engadine world of massage art and relaxation

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, revitalisation and care  for yourself, your health and your feet. Enjoy the natural power of Scuol mineral water, local herbs and hay and discover the secrets of reflexology. In addition to a fascinating foot reflexology workshop and the soothing herbal bath for your feet, you can eat local products and enjoy an outdoor concert.

  • Where: Plaz village fountain in Scuol, next to the Cafè Ajüz
  • When: 8 September 2023, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • What to bring: Bring a bath towel to dry your feet. No (pre-)registration is necessary, but places are limited.
  • Who may not: If you suffer from heart or circulation problems, we ask you not to participate in the footbath. We would like to invite you to enjoy the ambience and the concert in Cafè Ajüz with us.
  • Price: Free participation. Drinks and catering at Café Ajüz are not included.


Step by step.

The Footbath Ritual

Bügl public Brunnenbad

1. Grab your family or friends and head to the village fountain Plaz in Scuol. There is no registration - but places are limited.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - lokale Produkte

2. Wash your feet with local pine soap and some water.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - Fussreflexzonen-Massage

3. Take part in Arthur Schlatter's foot reflexology workshop and learn how to increase your well-being with foot massages and pressure points.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - Kneippen

4. Learn the Kneipp method from Arthur Schlatter and apply it. Use the cold well water to get your circulation going after the warm hay and herbal water trough.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - Mineralwasser

5. Try the natural mineral water from the Sotsass spring. Be careful not to drink too much!

Bügl public Brunnenbad - Tücher

6. Dry your revitalised feet and sit down at Cafè Ajüz.

Bügl public Café Ajüz

7. Quench your thirst with a homemade syrup or cocktail and indulge in a vegetarian burger or soup at Cafè Ajüz.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - cafè Ajüz

8. Enjoy the open-air concert in front of the village fountain.

Bewegungsbad Bogn Engiadina

9. Füllen Sie die Umfrage aus und qualifizieren Sie sich für den Wettbewerb.

Aus dem Dorfbrunnen Bügl Grond in Scuol fliesst natürliches Mineralwasser.

At the heart of scuol

Village fountain Plaz

The water from the Sotsass spring flows out of the village well with the wooden chancellor Marnia on the well stick. The right well basin has an orange-reddish colouring of the minerals that the water transports.

Your offer

Bügl public Brunnenbad - lokale Produkte
«Il Bügl Public»: Hay and herbal foot bath

Pamper your feet with local herbs and flowers, pine and hay. Enjoy a fragrant foot bath with well water from Scuol. Whether cold or warm – it is balm for your feet and soul.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - Fussreflexzonen-Massage
Foot reflexology massage – increase well-being

The positive effects of a foot reflexology massage lie in the treatment of mental and physical pain by massaging pressure points on the feet. Arthur Schlatter teaches you during a workshop how to get rid of your pains and blockages completely painless and increase your well-being. Workshops take place hourly from 16:00 to 20:00.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - Kneippen
Getting the circulation going with Kneipp

The method of Kneipp has the advantage of loosening muscles, promoting circulation, relaxing you physically and mentally, strengthening your defences and allowing you to release happy hormones. With the help of an alternating foot bath between the cold Engadine well water and the warm herbal bath, Arthur Schlatter shows you how to use the Kneipp method.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - cafè Ajüz
Local catering with concert

Hungry and tired after «Il Bügl Public»? Grab a chair at Cafè Ajüz and let's go! Benefit from an open-air concert for your feet! During the Engadine Herbal Footbath, there will be a concert at Cafè Ajüz, as well as homemade vegi-burgers with local ingredients and drinks and much more. The costs for your catering will not be covered.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - Mineralwasser
Natural mineral water as a thirst quencher

If you still have not had enough of natural remedies after the Engadine Herbal Footbath, we invite you to try the local mineral water from the Sotsass spring. It is health-promoting and contains many important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. If you have a sensitive stomach, please do not drink too much of it.

Bügl public Brunnenbad
Gewinnen Sie einen Eintritt in das Bogn Engiadina Scuol

Wir freuen uns, dass das Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina Scuol zwei Eintrittskarten beim Wettbewerb vergibt. Folgende Bedingungen gelten: 

1. Machen Sie ein Foto vom Kräuter-Fussbad oder ein Selfie während des Bügl Public. Wir sind gespannt auf Ihren Schnappschuss!

2. Markieren Sie unsere Accounts auf der gewünschten Plattform: Instagram: @bognengiadinascuol und @engadinscuolzernez / Facebook: @Bogn Engiadina und @Engadin Scuol Zernez

3. Füllen Sie die Zufriedenheitsumfrage aus.

Viel Erfolg!


Win one out of two free entries to the Bogn Engiadina Scuol

We are pleased to announce that the Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina Scuol can give away two admission tickets.  Once you have fulfilled all the conditions, you will have the chance to win an entrance ticket with a bit of luck.


  1. Take a photo of the foot bath / workshop or a selfie during the herbal foot bath. We are looking forward to your snapshot!
  2. Tag our accounts on the desired platform on your photo: Instagram: @bognengiadinascuol and @engadinscuolzernez / Facebook: @Bogn Engiadina @Engadin Scuol Zernez
  3. Fill out the satisfaction survey: click  here to access the survey.

Good luck!

Conditions of participation:

The competition is organised by Tourismus Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair AG. All persons who have fulfilled the above three tasks are eligible to participate. The draw will be made at random in the week after 8 September 2023. The winners will be notified by e-mail. Cash payment is not possible. No correspondence will be entered into about the competition. The legal process is excluded. The data provided will only be used for the competition and, if consent is given, for the Bogn Engiadina and Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair holiday region newsletters. They will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. Public pictures will be reposted on the social media channels.


Aussenbecken Bogn Engiadina

Konzert Mi'Amia – das erwartet Sie

Watch Mi'amia – «Chara, bella Engiadina» live @RTR 2019 I RTR Musica on YouTube.
Arthur Schlatter

Workshop Coach

Arthur Schlatter

Since 2002, Arthur Schlatter has been offering a range of sports activities for professionals and amateurs as well as a variety of therapies from «head to toe» at the Stradun in Scuol. The massage and foot care therapist sees his vocation in accompanying people both in sporting activities and in sports therapy. In addition, he offers various massage and relaxation services such as foot reflexology massages, partial and full body massages and craniosacral treatments. It is important to the medical therapist that his clients feel completely comfortable at all times, both in the sports area and with the relaxation offers.

Logo Somalgors74

Our Partner.

Curdin Tones from Somalgors74

Since 2018, Curdin Tones has been organising the Engadin Well Bath with his cultural initiative SOMALGORS74 and various partners throughout the Engadin. The Engadin Well Bath was founded in Tschlin to revitalise the village squares and to put a cultural spin on the fountains that are unused nowadays. For the Engadin Herbal Footbath, he designed the fountain square in Scuol with matching "Bügl Public" bathing elements, assisting Arthur Schlatter.

Logo Cafe Ajüz

Our Partner

Helena Erny from Cafè Ajüz

The Cafè Ajüz in Scuol sot, which is run with heart by Helena Erny, offers everything from homemade syrup, kombucha, cocktails and fresh food such as vegi burgers and soups with local organic ingredients.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - logo

Il Bügl Public in Tschlin

First Edition of the Engadine Fountain Bath

«A soothing bath in the purest mountain spring water in a unique atmosphere is probably the most beautiful starting point imaginable for having unexpected conversations and meeting each other in a completely different way.»