27. October 2023

Bügl public: Engadine fountain bath

Brunnenbad Herbst
Bild: Michelle Zbinden
Our village wells have always had a central importance for life in the Engadine villages - be it as a water supplier, cattle watering place or meeting point. In addition to clear spring water, many of these wells also carry one of the region's various natural mineral waters. So it's high time to get to know them from a different perspective during a well bath.

Also for those who prefer to shower hot.

Autumn bathing fun

Autumn is bath time – but not only in the bathtub at home, but also in the mineral water fountain in the historic village of Scuol Sot. With a mulled wine in one hand and a glass of natural mineral water in the other, it's wonderful to relax with like-minded people. For all those who like it a little warmer than 4°C, we heat part of the fountain to a pleasant bathing temperature. Naturally, this is done with renewable resources. 

Where: Plaz village fountain, Scuol sot

When: 27 October 2023, from 4 p.m. to approx. 8 p.m.

What to bring:  Bath towel, good mood, something to talk about.

Price: Free participation. Drinks and food at Cafè Ajüz are not included.

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Brunnenbad Herbst
Recharge your batteries in natural mineral water

Start with a relaxing bath in the warm water pool and get to know your fellow bathers. You can end the alternating bath by jumping into the cold unheated part of the fountain. In addition to clear spring water, the fountain also carries one of the region's various natural mineral waters: Sotsass mineral spring water.

Brunnenbad Herbst
Mulled wine and harmonious music

Enjoy the fountain bath with a glass of mulled wine or a fruit punch, from Cafè Ajüz and an outdoor concert with local musicians.

Brunnenbad Herbst
For the sake of health

The change in temperature leads to a widening and narrowing of our blood vessels: as a result, a large amount of blood is suddenly pumped towards the heart, blood pressure rises and circulation is stimulated. Alternating baths also train our vascular muscles and have a positive effect on the immune system.

Brunnenbad Herbst
Hot beverages and soups

Hungry and tired after «Il Bügl Public»? Grab a chair at Cafè Ajüz and let's go! During the Engadine Fountain Bath, Cafè Ajüz will be serving homemade soups with local ingredients and hot drinks such as punch, mulled wine and tea. The cost of your food is not covered with the exception of the mulled wine.

Chasa Ajüz Konzert

Enjoy the open-air concert of the band «Jogi & the Pineapples» in front of the village fountain.


With a bit of luck, win a free entry to the mineral baths Bogn Engiadina in Scuol. You can find the conditions below.

Brunnenbad Herbst
Logo Somalgors74

Our partner.

Curdin Tones from Somalgors74

Since 2018, Curdin Tones has been organising the Engadin Brunnenbad with his cultural initiative SOMALGORS74 and various partners throughout the Engadin. The Brunnenbad was founded in Tschlin to revitalise the village squares and to put a cultural spin on the fountains that are unused nowadays. For the Kräuterfussbad, he designed the fountain square in Scuol with matching «Il Bügl Public» bathing elements, assisting Arthur Schlatter.

Logo Cafe Ajüz

Our partner.

Helena Erny from Cafè Ajüz

The Cafè Ajüz in Scuol sot, which is run with heart by Helena Erny, offers everything from homemade syrup, kombucha, cocktails and fresh food such as vegi burgers and soups with local organic ingredients.

Bügl public Brunnenbad - logo

Il Bügl Public in Tschlin.

First edition of the Engadine Fountain Bath

«A soothing bath in the purest mountain spring water in a unique atmosphere is probably the most beautiful starting point imaginable for having unexpected conversations and meeting each other in a completely different way.»

Engadine fountain bath

Watch Engadiner Brunnenbad Scuol on YouTube.
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