Tips for more sustainability in everyday life

Hängebrückenweg Val Sinestra
Conscious sustainability refers to a way of life in which one consciously chooses environmentally friendly and resource-conserving alternatives. It is about questioning one's own consumption behaviour and choosing sustainable alternatives. Conscious sustainable choices can positively influence different areas of everyday life, be it shopping, energy supply or waste disposal. To live more sustainably, there are many tips and tricks that can be implemented in everyday life. We would like to introduce you to some of them.
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Trinkproben auf den Mineralwasserwegen rund um Scuol.

1. Reduce plastic

Use reusable containers instead of plastic packaging and choose reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles.

Pack your water bottle and walk along our mineral springs.
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Postauto Sent – Val Sinestra

2. Use public transport

With public transport, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. As a guest, you even travel for free with our guest card!

If more people use public transport, this means less individual traffic on the roads. On the one hand, this reduces congestion and on the other, it improves air quality. With public transport, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. As a guest, you even travel for free with our guest card!

Further information about guest cards
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Label Nachhaltiges Reiseziel

3. Book sustainable accommodation when planning your holiday

Book accommodation, campsites or hotels that are committed to sustainability and environmental protection. There are certified establishments in the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region.

Information about the TourCert initiative
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Frische und regionale Produkte zu verarbeiten, wenn möglich Bio, ist ein weiterer Bestandteil der gelebten Nachhaltigkeit auf der Chamanna Cluozza.

4. Support for the local economy

Buying local products or visiting local shops and restaurants supports the local economy.

To our shops in the Lower Engadine
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Trash Hero Event auf Motta Naluns
Motta Naluns

5. Collect and recycle waste

To protect the environment, it is important to always dispose of waste correctly. Take part in your local collection campaign or come to one of ours!

In order to protect the environment and keep it clean, it is important that waste is always and above all disposed of properly. Waste collection events can be an opportunity to bring the community together and work together for a positive change in the environment. Take part in local collection events or come to one of ours!

Trash Hero Pisten-Cleanup Scuol
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Dorfkern von Ftan mit Sgraffiti im Engadin

6. Drink tap water

By drinking tap water, you can reduce the consumption of plastic. Here in the holiday region, you can even drink from countless wells.

Drinking tap water can reduce the consumption of plastic. Tap water is regularly tested for contaminants and pathogens to ensure that it meets health standards. Depending on the region, this water can contain important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride, which can be beneficial for the health of bones and teeth. Here in the holiday region, you can even drink from countless wells.

To the mineral water trail
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Wegweiser Funtana da S-charl – Ferienregion Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair

7. Just get started!

..because a beginning gives us a new way of thinking and acting. Progress can be seen through small measures. This progress encourages and to take further action.

By focusing on simple and achievable steps in the beginning, it is easier for us to gradually change habits and continuously increase our contribution to sustainability.

The beginning is so valuable because it gives us the opportunity to get used to a new way of thinking and acting. Once we get used to acting in an environmentally conscious way and changing our habits, it is easier to take bigger and more complex steps.

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Die Chamonna Tuoi vor dem Piz Buin. Bild: Dominik Täuber.

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