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Schellen-Ursli Herbstdreh im Val d'Uina
Bainvgnü in the home of Schellen-Ursli! Set off and experience the adventures of the boy with the shaggy black hair, the too-short trousers, the pointed cap and the radiant laugh.
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Highlight. Schellen-Ursli walk

The «Schellen-Ursli walk» in Guarda brings the history of the Chalandamarz back to life. Set off and immerse yourself in another world.

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Schellen-Ursli-Pass Titelseite

Highlight. Schellen-Ursli Passport

Playfully discover the Lower Engadine – visit various experiences, collect stamps and win great prizes. You can get the passport at the guest information on site.

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Schellen-Ursli Museum in Guarda

Highlight. Schellen-Ursli Museum

How do you think Tinkle-bell Ursli lived? The small museum in Guarda offers insights into scenes from the children's story.

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Schellen-Ursli Ziegenpatenschaft
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To read. The famous children's book «A bell for Ursli»

The story of Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet makes children's hearts beat faster. Learn more about the famous story from the Engadine village of Guarda.

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...und Action!

To watch. Schellen-Ursli movie (A Bell for Ursli) & Filming locations

In October 2015, Ursli with the shaggy black hair and too-short trousers, the pointed cap and the radiant laugh came to the cinema. The film is still very popular today.

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An earworm to listen to

Kunz – Chliini Händ

Der Dorfkern Guarda, Unterengadin, im Sommer

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The Engadine village of Guarda is the home of Schellen-Ursli and an absolute must in any holiday planning. Learn more about the mountain village in the Lower Engadine.