Clemgia - Lai Nair

14.2 km
6:30 h
529 mhd
529 mhd
Clemgia - Lai Nair
Clemgia - Lai Nair

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Scenic circular hike from the mineral water springs near Nairs through the spectacular Clemgia Gorge to the idyllic mountain lake Lai Nair.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  1567 m
Lowest Point  1187 m
Best Season

Start PostBus stop Scuol, posta
Destination PostBus stop Scuol, posta
Coordinates 46.793708, 10.286838


The clemgia hiking trail was destroyed by the storms in the summer of 2017. Unfortunately, the gorge has to remain closed this year 2020.


The tour starts at the post office building in Scuol and leads over the high Gurlaina Bridge to the entrance of Val Clemgia. Following the "Clemgia" stream, the hike leads over shady and spectacular over partially exposed wooden footbridges through the Clemgia Gorge, at the end of which a wooden bridge traverses towards Avrona. We cross the hamlet of Avrona before the path leads through the forest on the flank of Piz Pisoc to the picturesque Lai Nair. Passing this there is a wide view over the Lai da Tarasp and the castle Tarasp to Ftan. After Tarasp Fontana, follow the road to the right in the direction of Kurhaus Tarasp. With the completion of the Büvetta Tarasp drinking hall in 1875/76, Tarasp became one of the most important spa facilities in Switzerland. Along the Inn we finally return to Scuol.


Schellen-Ursli location:
Forest path/jump wolf/snowfall in autumn
In a wooded area before Avrona, Seraina and Uorsin meet the wolf for the first time, then they run up the hill, where it immediately begins to snow.

All locations of the Schellen-Ursli film can be found here.


The tour was evaluated in favorable weather conditions, the current weather conditions and weather forecasts must be observed before the start of the tour. This hike requires an elementary alpine experience, orientation, mountain boots are recommended.

Emergency call:
144 Emergency call, first aid
1414 Mountain rescue REGA
112 International emergency call


Ab Scuol, posta over the Gurlaina Bridge
Passing the Electricity Forest
Over the bridge and into the Clemgia Gorge
So follow the path until the Avrona
junction Passing the hamlet and through the forest to the Lai Nair
Over the raised bog
Descent to Tarasp Fontana
Right past the lake to Vulpera and Gurlaina

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